HMO plan for Stalybridge pub attracts objections

PLANS to convert a Stalybridge pub into a house of multiple occupation (HMO) have attracted a number of objections from people living nearby.

Steven Higginbottom, of Exeter, Devon-based Morada Property Management, has applied to Tameside Council to turn the Stocks Inn, on Stocks Lane, into a facility that would house eight units.

Four would be on the ground floor with another four on the first – each will have a double bed, en suite, storage space, kitchenette, study table/desk and TV.

However, the proposal is seen a fierce local response, with more than two dozen objections having already been lodged.

The Stocks Inn, Stalybridge

Documents supporting the application state the plan has come about because, ‘there are very little affordable options for professional people to have a nice place to live that they could call home whilst they waited to get a property of their own.’

They added that Steven and partner Lisa, who sold a successful business before setting up Morada, came to the conclusion of converting the Stocks Inn after market research.

Documents add: “Renting their own home was very expensive particularly once you added in utility bills and was also very wasteful.

“The solution they derived was high quality shared accommodation for professional people. They would take large redundant commercial buildings such as public houses that no longer paid for themselves, design, build and repurpose them into shared accommodation.

PLANS to convert a Stalybridge pub into a house of multiple occupation (HMO) have attracted a number of objections from people living nearby.

“However the USP would be that they would be great places to live, very communal with excellent quality fit outs, fitting the latest technology, servicing the areas to keep them in tip-top condition at all times.

“The type of people that live in these houses are those moving out of the family home, those returning to the area, such as students leaving college, those relocating for work, those working local for short periods of time, ie. 6 – 12 months, those coming out of long-term relationships as a stepping stone.

“And people moving into the country to work such as doctors under the health and care work visa.

“Most of the time the residents are living alone so this type of accommodation is not just cost effective but makes for a much happier social way of living preventing loneliness and isolation.”

Despite assurances the property would be managed ‘via a very hands-on approach, even down to WhatsApp groups and 24/7 communication channels,’ concerns among those living nearby are rising.

Currently, the Stocks Inn is being marketed for £195,000 and is described as being under offer.

And a statement continues: “As well as lots of individuals, Morada deal directly with local organisations and supply a lot of accommodation direct to the NHS for doctors and nurses.

“Steve and Lisa, through Morada, strive to provide residents with an amazing social space to live with fantastic customer service and their business concept is proving very successful and will provide Stalybridge with a great space for people to live.

“We understand that the current public house is not operating as a profitable business and trade is very low. Hence the reason for the property being marketed for sale.

“We believe that undertaking the proposed development will provide good quality residential accommodation and improve the residential offer within the area.”

If planning permission is granted, the majority of the building’s exterior will remain the same, with the main alteration seeing the entrance moved back to its historic one on Stocks Lane.

A number of windows and doors would be filled in and a new projecting sign highlighting the entrance will be projected above the new door on Stocks Lane.

Tameside Council’s Speaker’s Panel (Planning) committee will decided with to grant or refuse the application.


8 Replies to “HMO plan for Stalybridge pub attracts objections”

  1. We do not want a HMO on what is a lovely street it will bring crime drugs anti-social behaviour and will house all sorts I object to this and I’m sick of these property companies trying to just make money

    1. Do you know how to object to this planing permission? I don’t want it either! Your reasons are exactly what will happen if it gets granted planning permission.

  2. Go on Tameside council planning portal and search the address. Click on the application and you can object from there.

  3. With all the delivery drivers’ cars from the takeaways on the front of Mottram Rd, who park from the junction of Stocks Lane right up to the Stocks Inn (on both sides of the road), the road is already dreadfully congested in the evenings. Where are these new residents going to park?

  4. Where is everyone going to park. There is a new building on what was the pub car park and there will be another 8 units in the old pub, so could be with the new building in excess of 25 car parking spaces.

  5. This building already has an eyesore next door that has been undergoing construction for the last four years. The fact that planning permission was given to build on top of an existing thoroughfare seems to have eluded the council, or perhaps the fat brown envelope allowed “special permission”. TMBC seem hell bent on turning the area into more of a shithole than it has already become. There is neither car parking, nor space for the numerous (or very large) waste bins that would be required for a HMO at the former pub. The best option is a CPO, demolish both The Stocks and the jerry-built eyesore and landscape the area.

    1. I want to know how they got planning permission to build on a street. When I owned the stock’s in the 90s,I asked if I could rent or buy the said carpark,and was told twice (you can’t rent or buy it,as it is part of taton street,you can’t build on a street ????)am I missing something here. Its a pity they didn’t photograph the entrance,just above the door the sign is still there (TATON STREET)

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