Former Hyde Library put back on market in hope facade can be saved

HYDE’S former library building has been put back on the market, with hopes of attracting a developer who will keep its façade.

The 122-year-old structure on Union Street, which has stood empty since 2015, was thought to have been the subject of bids, with talk of a supermarket moving in.

However, no-one met the asking price. So Tameside Council has put it up once again as Cllr Phil Chadwick hopes to see it turned into homes, with the façade saved.

The former Hyde Library is back on the market

He told the meeting of the authority on Tuesday, October 3: “As there were no sufficient bids and a leading supermarket that was rumoured to have been interested has pulled out or offered less than what was expected, that sale has now not materialised and the building is now back on the market.

“I welcome what’s said about retaining the façade and redeveloping the building into family homes – and I want to emphasise family homes.

The former Hyde Library | Photo by Gemma Carter

“That’s one that I have voiced my support of happening with the library building as it is a brownfield site and is too far gone to be saved. Any councillor that has been inside that building would know that.

“Homes is what the Hyde masterplan should deliver, as well as bringing in new businesses and redevelopment of the town centre.”

Tameside Council has previously put forward a scheme last year to convert the Union Street site into 88 flats after securing a £225,000 grant.

Tameside Council leader, Cllr Ged Cooney inside the former Hyde Library

And while the library has been at the centre of fierce criticism over its handling of the structure, with some saying it has been, ‘left to rot,’ leader Cllr Ged Cooney hopes this latest round can attract better offers.

But anyone hoping the council will pump funds into any plans will be disappointed.

Cllr Cooney replied: “I would like, I think everyone would like, to save the two walls but I’m not a structural engineer. That will only happen if someone wants to put the money into that.

“It’s cost us a shed load just by sitting there. Something needs to happen.

“People are coming to us saying, ‘We want to take it over but can you give us another £1 million or £2milliion?’ That’s not going to happen.

“What we will do is work with people, so it’s gone back out. It’s going out to the market and hopefully we’ll get more realistic bids.”


2 Replies to “Former Hyde Library put back on market in hope facade can be saved”

  1. It breaks my heart to see the Library in such a state every time I drive past it. I’m so glad that I had a chance to work there I have some lovely memories. I hope somebody takes it on and will keep as much as they can of the original building.

  2. The building was in good condition after extensive renovation in 2005/6. The Council should be ashamed that it was emptied and left to rot. They would have got a better price if it had been put up for sale when it was still in use

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