Open Auditions for “What The Butler Saw” at Guide Bridge Theatre

OPEN Auditions for “What The Butler Saw” a hilarious play by Joe Orton, directed by John Cocks-Evans at Guide Bridge Theatre will take place this Sunday, May 21, at 7:30 pm at Guide Bridge Theatre.

The play takes audiences on a wild and uproarious journey as Dr Prentice, a psychiatrist, weaves a web of outrageous lies to conceal his attempts to seduce his young secretary.

Set in a psychiatric clinic, this comedy of circumstance unfolds with the involvement of a State Inspector, a philandering wife, bellboys, policemen, and even missing parts from a statue of Winston Churchill.

Joe Orton’s final play is renowned for its risqué and ferociously playful humour, establishing itself as a masterpiece of modern comedy.

Performance Dates

The performances of “What The Butler Saw” will run from October 16 to October 21, 2023, including a Saturday matinee.

Character Descriptions 

Guide Bridge Theatre is seeking talented actors for the following roles:

  • Dr Prentice: Male – A psychiatrist who manipulates his authority for personal gain.
  • Geraldine Barclay: Female, late teens/early 20s – A naïve secretarial candidate.
  • Mrs Prentice: Female – Prentice’s sexually repressed wife.
  • Nicholas Beckett: Male, late teens/early 20s – An over-sexed bellhop from a local hotel.
  • Dr Rance: Male – An arrogant psychiatrist and government functionary.
  • Sergeant Match: Male – A slow-witted police constable entangled in the amusing chaos.

Audition Information 

All interested actors are welcome to audition for “What The Butler Saw” at Guide Bridge Theatre. While walk-ins are accepted, it would be helpful if potential auditionees register their interest and specify the roles they wish to audition for. To assist with preparation, script samples for the play(s) can be provided upon request.

Membership Requirements 

Please note that all actors selected for a role in a Guide Bridge Theatre production must become an Active Member or Junior Friend, linked to an Active Member or Friend of Guide Bridge Theatre, no later than the first rehearsal date. For additional information, please refer to our Membership page.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an extraordinary theatrical production filled with laughter, wit, and eccentric characters. We look forward to welcoming talented individuals to our auditions.

For more details and to register your interest, please email 

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