Tameside Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference: Inspiring Change

ON Wednesday, June 14, The Anthony Seddon Fund will be hosting a ground-breaking event aimed at promoting men’s mental health and wellbeing in Tameside.

The Tameside Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference will take place from 9am to 3.30pm at Dukinfield Town Hall.

This free conference serves as a platform to showcase the wide-ranging support available to men in Tameside while featuring influential speakers who will share their inspiring stories.

The primary objective of this conference is to draw attention to the diverse range of mental health resources accessible to Tameside residents and foster future collaborations between organisations.

We anticipate attendees will find the event both thought-provoking and informative, gaining valuable insights and guidance.

This conference will host a fantastic line-up of organisations dedicated to supporting men’s mental health and wellbeing in Tameside.

Some of the esteemed participants include:
• Mike Palmer – 3 Dads Walking
• Chatty Cafe Scheme
• The Shed Tameside
• Directions For Men
• Beacon Counselling Trust
• Tony Lord – Film Maker and Counsellor
• Leap Centre – MEND Project

Alongside the inspirational guest speakers, the event will feature a marketplace where attendees can interact with over 15 organisations that provide essential mental health services and resources.

The Tameside Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference aims to highlight the available support networks within our community and neighbouring areas.

By sharing inspiring stories, we strive to challenge the negative stigmas surrounding
men and their mental health.

This conference is an excellent opportunity to foster an open dialogue, encourage positive change, and promote the overall wellbeing of men in our society.

Registration is required. Secure your spot by visiting the Eventbrite page


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