Local Elections 2023: Stalybridge South candidates

Liam Billington (Conservative)

I HAVE been a councillor for five years and in that time, I regularly stand up for the interests of residents – whether that be getting bins emptied, potholes fixed, working with the police to tackle anti-social behaviour and burglaries, protecting our Green Belt or supporting our local shops and businesses demanding town centre regeneration.

Labour candidates may come with warm words.

They say they will sort out fly tipping but it’s under their stewardship it has rocketed and the council failed to prosecute a single person between 2017 and 2022. Now they are cutting back street cleaning!

They will say we need the town centre regenerated, but after having £2.5 million for Market Street’s Heritage Action Zone have you noticed any difference?
I get up at every council meeting and speak on behalf of you. The majority of Labour councillors sit there in silence.

Do you want a Labour councillor sitting there doing nothing? Having a Labour councillor won’t make a difference as they already have 48 – but a strong Conservative team on the council will.

Francesca Coates (Labour)

EMPTY bins, filled potholes, no fly tipping. From talking to constituents on the doorstep, I know these are things that we all care about in Stalybridge South.

As a Stalybridge resident, I want to enhance its unique characteristics.

As a new candidate, I am standing because I want to take action!

When St Paul’s Primary was put into special measures, I stepped up as Chair of Governors to help the school regain its Good OFSTED rating.

As chair of the PTA at Millbrook Primary School, I work in a team to provide memorable experiences for the children as well as raising £1000s for the school.

March 2020, we saw the panic as Covid came to Stalybridge. People needed shopping and medical supplies.

I helped set up and run the Stalybridge Covid Support hotline, which was a lifeline to many.

If you want someone who works with local communities to get stuff done, please vote for me and my Labour colleagues on May 4.

Doreen Dickinson (Conservative)

I HAVE represented Stalybridge South for many years as your local Conservative councillor and with your vote I am hoping to still be able to do that after May 4.

I strongly believe as a councillor I am your voice, I will fight your cause alongside you, representing your opinions on matters that concern you.

Most people know that if they need me, I am very easy to contact and if you have a problem, I listen, support and help whenever I have been needed, from a bin not being collected to a licensing or planning application that really affects you.

This election is about people who will work for you, go that extra mile for you and I believe I do that, given the chance that is exactly what I will keep on doing.

Katy Flanagan (Labour)

I COME from a strong Labour family with a history rooted in Stalybridge South, so the need for social justice and grassroots involvement is a big part of who I am, whether that’s through my career or community work.

The values I possess provide a clear vision of the borough I want my family and residents of Stalybridge South to live in.

This includes making sure everyone has the opportunity to have a decent, affordable home by prioritising building on brownfield sites, by keeping our communities safe with more police officers and PCSOs, and giving our children’s schools the funding they so badly need.

As a mum of three, I have a vested interest in local schools and services, as well as the cultural enrichment of Stalybridge.

I want my children to be proud of where they live and provide them with the best possible education, that will allow them to dream big and fulfil their aspirations.

I have taken an active interest in the protection and upkeep of our green spaces and I will carry on the fight against fly tipping throughout Stalybridge South and vow to continue this as your council representative.

Amanda Hickling (Green)

I HAVE my own sewing business – teaching and making/altering clothes and host coffee mornings and fundraising events.

My husband and I moved to Stalybridge to start a family and now have two girls.

I am standing as a candidate because I believe Green politics can change our lives for the better.

The Green Party is committed to saving our precious green spaces.

Looking to tackle the housing crisis through using empty properties, providing better, safer management of properties and better regulation of developments.

We champion better transport planning, and safer streets, with the vision that every child can walk, cycle or scoot safely to school, and play outside in clean air.

I believe in challenging the cost-of-living crisis with a fairer tax system including a windfall tax on the most polluting industries.

We have an established Green councillor in Ashton and have trebled our numbers of councillors across the country in four years, which proves just how electable we are.

Stuart McKenzie (Labour)

I AM standing because I am passionate about raising the issues faced by my generation and being a voice for the priorities of the most underrepresented group in politics.

We desperately need more young people both marking and on the ballot papers.

The average age of a first-time buyer in the north west is 31. Half of those who go off to university then move straight back home – the vast majority of those who don’t live in a house share with ever-increasing rents trapping them.

Rather than respond to this with apathy, I want to be kicking up a fuss on behalf of all those who feel left behind.

My priority will be Stalybridge South’s residents and Tameside’s young people.

If you want more understanding between the generations, someone trying to make young people feel they have a future in Tameside, and fresh local voices on the council, Francesca, Katie and I are on your side.

David Tilbrook (Conservative)

I HAVE lived in Stalybridge for more than 20 years.

As an active member of the community, I am involved with several groups and am Vice-Chair at West Hill School.

I am pleased to be joining the Stalybridge South team after having worked across the town, including campaigning to improve our town centre.

Working alongside the other Conservative Councillors in the ward, I will work hard to try and keep the area as clean as possible, look at how to make our roads safer and will work alongside residents to help fight the development on Matley Lane, where a proposed 91 houses are to be built on Green Belt.

I hope I can count on your vote to continue having a strong team in Stalybridge South.


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