Local Elections 2023: Stalybridge North candidates

Steve Barton (Independent)

I STAND for the people.

I really prioritise mental health, child poverty, the elderly, local businesses, we work with schools other organisations, to deliver the best help we can to better people’s lives.

The conditions people live in is something we act on. Working to get better living conditions.

We have a community hub and a community land project. I believe the youth need, places to go.

I believe councillors should live in the area they stand. I live in my area and see how people are living day in day out. I’m not here once a year.

Every day we deliver food and other essentials, providing something special. I see drugs, litter, poverty, anti-social behaviour first hand and combat it.

I want to further my help for the people of this town I love. I’ve lived here all my life and it’s disgraceful how the people and town has been neglected.

A vote for me is a vote for the people. To start to tackle the neglect decline of the town and its people – get it done.

Christine Beardmore (Labour)

I AM proud to stand for election for Stalybridge North ward. I will fight for local services because I believe that people deserve a clean, green and safe place to live.

I have lived in Stalybridge for more than 30 years and use local shops and facilities because I think that is important to support local businesses to create a prosperous town and community.

As a founder member of the Stalybridge Town Challenge Advisory Group, I was part of the team which organised the consultation with local people which shaped the successful regeneration proposals for Stalybridge.

I have also worked upon community projects in Ridge Hill, organised charity fundraisers for Stalybridge East Food Bank and a petition to save local bus services.

If I am elected, I will continue to work with my Labour colleagues to promote regeneration and champion services for local people and ensure that your voice is heard.

Jan Jackson (Labour)

IT IS a privilege and honour to stand for re-election in Stalybridge North, as a strong voice for the residents I represent.

As a united team, the good work done will be built on to support our local groups/organisations in our communities – to keep vital facilities and make them sustainable.

The fight will continue to get better bus services for residents across the ward.

I will never give up challenging the injustice and inequality suffered by many and my passion will continue to bring communities together through initiatives like Whit Friday Brass Band Contests, Staybridge Carnival, litter picks and gardening competitions, as well as fundraising for local charities and causes.

Resolving issues of concern and making a difference is at the heart of all I am about.

Ky Marland (Conservative)

‘WORKING for Change, Working for You.’ Stalybridge North needs change and I intend to do just that if elected.

As a long-time resident of this community, I am deeply committed to the well-being and prosperity of our town, and I believe that I can make a meaningful contribution to local governance.

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable experience in leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement.

I have worked closely with a wide range of people to identify and address key issues and I have a proven track record of successfully implementing innovative solutions to complex problems.

If given the opportunity to serve as a local representative, I would be committed to working collaboratively with other elected officials, community organisations, and residents to promote transparency, accountability and effective governance.

I believe that by working together, we can build a brighter future for our town and ensure that it remains a vibrant and welcoming place for generations to come.

On May 4, let your voice be heard it is important that Tameside Council keeps an opposition to hold it to account.

Let’s show Tameside Labour enough is enough. The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

Alice Mason-Power (Green)

I LIVE in Stalybridge with my husband and two young children and I’m a teacher working in special educational needs.

I am standing in Stalybridge North to give the area the chance to vote for a local Green candidate.

I believe that Tameside needs more Green Councillors in order to challenge and progress the council’s recently published climate change and environment strategy.

Despite the council publicly acknowledging the climate emergency, we still have no defined targets or action plan.

Green councils across the country are already achieving on actions such as improved cycling and walking infrastructure and better and cheaper public transport which have the immediate effect of reducing pollution and carbon emissions, as well as helping local people with the rising costs of fuel.

With the rise in energy bills, investing in home insulation must also be a priority.

Electing more Green Councillors is key to making our community fairer. If you want Green, vote Green!

Clive Patrick (Conservative)

IT IS a great honour that I have been asked again to stand for election as Councillor for Stalybridge North.

I served as Councillor in this ward from 2008 until 2012 and because I live in the ward it feels like I am coming home.

The ward is very diverse, perhaps the most diverse in Tameside.

Ranging from the conservation area of Carrbrook right across the valley to Heyrod and then on up to Ridgehill and Arlies.

Each area having its own problems and concerns.

As ward Councillor, the challenges are plentiful but it was, and I hope will be, the challenges that keep the job interesting and fulfilling.

The election is the most important one in a generation because it is an “All Out” election, which doesn’t happen often.

Therefore all seats are up for grabs, not just a third of them.

Adrian Pearce (Labour)

IT HAS been a privilege to serve the residents of Stalybridge North ward as a Labour councillor since 2015.

My reasons for seeking election as a councillor were to support local communities by fighting for local services, ensuring that local people had a voice in decision making and to promote the regeneration of Stalybridge.

These reasons have not changed, although Government cuts and economic pressures have made delivering these objectives more difficult.

I have been successful in promoting the regeneration of Stalybridge, the results of which will be seen in the next five years.

I have enjoyed working with local communities on Ridge Hill and Carrbrook to develop services, like the Bread and Butter Thing, to support local people or argue with the bus companies to retain a proper bus service.

Working with my Labour colleagues, I ask for your support to take this work forward over the next four years.

Lisa Tilbrook (Conservative)

I HAVE lived in Stalybridge all my life and so have been looking for an opportunity to be able to try and make a difference.

Having seen Labour destroy our town centre, continue to destroy our Green Belt and continually increase council tax, it’s time to vote for change.

In Stalybridge North, there are lots of great community groups and I would look to support these across the ward.

All three current Councillors voted to knock down the conservatory in Stamford Park. I believe this should be preserved as much as possible and given back to the community for community use.

We have all seen how our town centre has been eradicated over time and I want to support local businesses as much as possible.

If elected, I will work hard on your behalf to improve the area we live in.


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