Tameside goes to the polls in ‘all out’ election

MAY 4 is the day Tameside goes to the polls in the local election – but this vote carries more weight than recently.

For 2023 sees an ‘all out’ poll – where you elect all three councillors for your ward rather than just one.

Many issues are raging across the borough, be it the proposed Godley Green Garden Village, the development of Stalybridge’s former Hartshead power station and its town centre, what will happen to Ashton Market, or the regeneration of Hyde.That points to several wards being key – Stalybridge North, Dukinfield/Stalybridge, Hyde Godley, Hyde Werneth and Ashton Waterloo all look set to be keenly contested.

Then, of course, there are the ‘staples’ of council elections – bins, potholes and services.

Nationally, the political picture may have changed but remember, this is a local election.

Currently, the Labour Party holds 48 of the 57 seats that are being contested, with eight Conservatives and one Green Party representative.

Tameside Council election night 2022 | Photo by Gemma Carter

Will that change drastically? The Liberal Democrats, Official Monster Raving Loony Party and Women’s Equality Party also have candidates.

Much is debated about what goes on in Tameside – and sometimes what does not go on – but May 4 is YOUR opportunity to make your opinion heard.

Ranting on Facebook or Twitter will not carry as much weight as writing THREE CROSSES for THREE CANDIDATES on your ballot paper on May 4.

Make sure you use the opportunity you have.


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