Local Elections 2023: St Peters candidates

Shazad Azam (Conservative)

RESIDENTS tell me that the streets are dirty and full of potholes.

The town centre is no longer what it used to be and is becoming a scary place to visit.

Labour councillors have neglected Ashton and have no answers to these problems.

In contrast, not only is the Conservative Government investing £20 million into Ashton town centre to undo Labour’s neglect and bring much-needed jobs, your local Conservatives would introduce two hours free parking to bring the shoppers back and make Ashton thrive again.

The Conservatives are also investing in road repairs and making our streets safer.

I welcome the extra 991 police officers on our streets since the last election, and will push for St Peters to get its fair share of the £6.2 million extra given to Greater Manchester to fix the potholes

We deserve better in St Peters, so vote for me, Shazad Azam, your local Conservative candidate in these elections.

Joyce Bowerman (Labour)

I FEEL proud and honoured that, once again, I have been chosen as one of the Labour Party candidates to represent St Peter’s Ward in the 2023 local elections.

Due to boundary changes this year you will be asked to cast three votes.

My colleagues and I will be asking for your support for the St Peter’s team.

I have lived in St Peter’s Ward all my life and I see first-hand the problems and needs of our community.

Years of Tory cuts have imposed the biggest economic and social crisis for many years with our community now facing rising food prices, more families having to use food banks, energy prices spiralling out of control and people having to make the terrible decision between “eating or heating.”

The residents of St Peter’s should not have to bear the burden of Tory cuts – more than £200 million pounds cut from Tameside’s budget since 2010.

Please vote myself, Warren Bray and David McNally and we will let the Tories know that the people in our community stand together and we will make sure our voices are heard.

Warren Bray (Labour)

I AM proud to be standing as a Labour candidate for St Peter’s ward once again.

I will continue the hard work dealing with the issues which affect you the most.

The cost of living crisis has hit us all hard and we need to send a message to this Tory Government that we need change.

So many of us are struggling to cope with high fuel bills, an increase in mortgages and rents and the rising cost of food.

Let’s tell this Government we have had enough on May 4. Please use all three votes for Labour.

David McNally (Labour)

I AM asking you to do me the great honour of reselecting me to represent St Peter’s ward as a Labour Councillor.

I have never been one to sit back when representing the people of St Peter’s and I will continue to do so.

I am proud of the many lovely residents and groups that make up the community.

Times are hard but they all help and support each other. A vote for Labour on May 4 will send a strong message to this Government that we need change.

Remember you will need suitable ID at the polling station. Please use all three votes for Labour.

Sarah Whiteley (Green)

I AM standing in the local elections to give the residents of St Peter’s the opportunity to vote for a Green candidate who is committed to local people and the planet.

I have worked in education for almost 20 years in both primary and secondary schools.

I understand the challenges local families face including the current cost of living crisis. I am devoted to working with the council to support families and ensuring our young people have equitable opportunities when compared to other areas within Tameside and Greater Manchester.

As an ecology graduate, I would be well-placed to advance Tameside’s climate change and environment strategy.

I would work to improve access to and develop greenspaces as they are important for improving physical and mental health, as well as playing an essential role in increasing biodiversity.

Trees and plants capture and store CO2, improving air quality and combating climate change.

I’m free to represent the diverse St Peter’s community. In place of party bosses, I will be accountable to the people.

Iftikhar Ahmad (Independent, St Peter’s)

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