Local Elections 2023: Mossley candidates

Dermot Gill (Green)

I HAVE worked hard to establish The Gillery as a popular local bar and venue, adding to the success of the town.

I’m a ‘Friend of Egmont Street Park’, I volunteer at the food bank and have supported the ‘Litter Bugs’ and ‘Friends of Brunswick Dam’ over the years.

If elected, I would fully support our Green councillor’s campaign to ban council use of the glyphosate pesticide and replace grass verges with wildflowers.

This would be a win for council budgets as well as biodiversity as grounds maintenance costs would decrease.

I would pursue affordable homes on brownfield sites, using local builders and sustainable standards.

In Green-led Lewes Council, they have built sustainable, affordable housing, using only local builders, and have worked with colleges to provide qualifications in retrofitting homes and fitting and maintaining ground source heat pumps.

Vote to support local businesses and conserve Green Belt.

Andrew Hay (Conservative)

I HAVE been self-employed most of my adult life and I have lived in Mossley for more than 20 years.

Mossley has always been a special place with its industrial history and lovely countryside and green spaces.

I have seen the large new developments take place and understand life changes and if managed correctly can be for the good of the community.

I don’t believe we should be destroying our Green Belt and we must build on brownfield sites first.

I am proud to be representing the Conservative party in the area that I live, as I believe the majority of residents of Mossley would like to see someone with the drive and passion for the area that they live.

Jack Homer (Labour)

I AM am a Mossley resident and live here with my partner and two children.

I currently work for the NHS as a medical lab assistant in Manchester. I have been a Tameside councillor for Mossley since 2016 and a Mossley Parish councillor since 2015.

During my time as a councillor, I have led the successful campaign to get a safety crossing at St George’s School, as well as being involved in the successful campaign to prevent houses being built on Brookfields.

With my Labour Party colleagues, I regularly speak to residents as part of our popular door knocking sessions, picking up issues and solving them.

With the rest of the Mossley Labour team, I hope to be re-elected to continue the hard work we are engaged in.

We have had great success working with the Labour led Mossley Parish Council and we hope we can continue doing this for the whole of Mossley.

Stephen Homer (Labour)

I AM a father of 4 and have lived in Mossley for 32 years, I run a local driving school business.

I have served Mossley as a Labour councillor and Town councillor since 2018. I’m standing for re-election on May 4, where I want to continue working with my fellow Mossley Tameside councillors Taf and Jack, in being a strong voice for Mossley and its people.

We deal with issues affecting residents, both personally and for the whole town.

We have successfully, along with residents, opposed inappropriate planning applications like Brookfields, Hanover St, Greaves St and others.

We have worked hard in attracting investment from businesses, including helping to make the changing rooms on Egmont St transform into a cafe with community space.

We have worked with our creative community to stage events like the Music in the Park and Christmas lights switch on.

We will continue to promote Mossley as a destination and the creative centre of the local area.

Tafheen Sharif (Labour)

I WAS first elected 12 years ago and have served Mossley for seven, from 2016 to date.

I have developed a strong link with my constituents and have a track record of delivery on issues such as developments, investment, litter, ASB, schools/education and housing.

I am hard working, determined and persevere to get the best outcome I can. I relish achieving things to a high standard.

A few of my successes, alongside my ward colleagues and the Mossley community, have been fighting off aggressive planning developments including Brookfields, Hanover St, Greaves St, Stablefold, Woodend Mill, Stamford Rd and others.

I believe in affordable housing, supported by infrastructure, for Mossley.

If re-elected I will continue to fight for Mossley and continue to uphold the values of the Labour Party of equality, fairness and justice.

Hattie Thomas (Women’s Equality Party)

I’M EXTREMELY proud to be standing as a candidate for the Women’s Equality Party in my home town of Mossley, for Tameside Council and Mossley Town Council (in Cheshire ward).

I’m a single parent who works full time as a teacher and, like many families in Mossley, I have to juggle work and childcare with my finances.

The gender pay gap has increased since COVID, with women still taking on the bulk of caring responsibilities.

This not only affects opportunities and income but also pensions in later life.

I will call for Tameside Council to invest in affordable childcare and high quality social care – the only way to deliver equality of opportunity for everyone in parenting, caregiving and the workplace.

I am really concerned reports of domestic abuse have skyrocketed and I want women and girls in Mossley to live free from harassment or abuse.

I will campaign for Mossley’s new development plan to make tackling gender-based violence a political and policing priority.

I will also demand that Tameside Council invests in local support services as well as education programmes to challenge and change attitudes and behaviours which underpin this very worrying trend.

Dean Aylett (Independent)

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