Local Elections 2023: Longdendale candidates

Doris Brierley (Green)

I AM standing again in Longdendale to give voters the chance to elect another Green councillor.

His success proves that we are electable in Tameside. Use one of your three votes this time, for me.

It is about time the Ccuncil better represented the wider public who are sick of the bickering between the two main parties. This is not what we pay our council tax for.

Longdendale suffers from poor public transport provision with bus services that are not fit for purpose.

The Green Party believes we should encourage alternatives to cars so that children, the elderly and disabled can travel safely and independently.

This would relieve congestion for those who rely on their cars. It would also reduce pollution, providing clean air to breath.

The proposed by-pass will not solve the problem of congestion, it merely moves it further up the road.

Gary Ferguson (Labour)

IF I AM elected, I look forward to working with my fellow councillors, and volunteer groups solving the many challenges that face our local community.

I have recently retired from business and I am now fully engaged in helping to deliver better and more effective services.

I regularly volunteer for the Bread and Butter Thing group and I enjoy contributing and helping on local litter picks.

I have a keen interest in all local community projects, from campaigning for better public transport to the regeneration and development of Tameside’s town centres.

I believe it is important and a necessity that we deal effectively with all aspects of anti-social behaviour from tackling crime to dog fouling, to the scourge and blight of fly tipping.

These are just some of the reasons why I want to become your local community councillor.

Jacqueline North (Labour)

THANK you again for electing me in 2021 for Labour to represent you using my long experience as a resident, work in local government elsewhere and volunteering with Citizens Advice.

Since then, my focus has been:

Representing residents views and connections with the Council, Police, housing providers and schools

Intervening where organisations fail individual residents or the wider community

Acting on the Cost of Living Crisis with the Helping Hands Roadshow, a Pension Credit campaign and helping people get their entitlements.

Supporting Community Groups with advice, small grants and hands on work

If elected again I will continue to build on these priorities while:

Improving our green spaces and acting on derelict and flytipped land

Bringing a greater focus on the future role and preservation of our villages

Enabling Longdendale to capitalise on forthcoming investment in Hyde and Stalybridge.

Jacqueline Owen (Labour)

OVER the last four years I have been actively involved in a variety of community projects, including supporting them to access funding.

I was heavily involved with setting up and running of the Longdendale Mutual Aid Group, a group during lockdown and currently work with partners to assist people in managing the cost of living crisis.

I have been a member of the children’s services scrutiny, planning panels and deputy chair of the health and adults social care scrutiny panel, a crucial role to monitor services and hold leaders to account.

If re-elected I will continue to fight for better public transport links – especially a bus service from Hollingworth to Hyde, improved education facilities and housing for the residents of Longdendale.

I will also continue to work towards improving the life chances of our children and young people, by engaging with them and services to develop their life skills and self esteem.

Leslie Browning (Conservative, Longdendale)

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Cameron Robertson (Conservative, Longdendale)

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