Local Elections 2023: Hyde Werneth candidates

Shibley Alam (Labour and Co-Operative Party)

I AM proud to have been working in my community for more than 10 years and to have been your Hyde Werneth Labour councillor for the last four.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have served local residents, working in all communities in the ward.

The diversity of Werneth is something that I think needs celebrating and I have brought my work at Diversity Matters and with faith groups, supporting the most deprived members of the community, my support of the WI and the Christmas Lights in Gee Cross, my work as a trustee of the Hyde War Memorial Trust and as a trustee of the Millennium Green Trust, to create and strengthen links between all residents of the ward.

I hope that you can continue to put your trust in me and use your three votes for Labour and Co-operative so that we can have a strong team that reflects the ward and brings experience and passion to deliver for Hyde Werneth.

Phil Chadwick (Conservative)

I HAVE lived in Gee Cross and Hyde all my life and live on the Waverley Road/Cheetham Fold estate with my wife, two children, and our two dogs, with my son attending the local high school.

As a councillor for five years, I have represented our residents campaigning against the destruction of our green belt at Apethorn Lane and Bowlacre.

In February, I attended the Places for Everyone hearing with the Planning Inspector in Manchester.

As a team we are active in our area, organising litter picks, holding joint police surgeries, and reporting approximately 500 potholes for repair, we have been successful in getting Wych Fold resurfaced, which will take place later in the year.

I am a community-focused councillor, helping residents and community groups across the ward. We support Gee Cross Fete, as well as an impromptu marshal for the Well Dressing parade last year, after organisers were let down.

We help local groups with Christmas activities in the village, from installing Christmas trees to being Father Christmas.

If re-elected as your councillor for Hyde Werneth, I will continue to be a champion for our residents, and with Ruth and Paul we will be that strong local team that works hard for you all year round, not just at election time.

Alex Cooper (Green)

I HAVE lived in Gee Cross for seven years, working from home as a software developer.

I am standing to give the people of Hyde Werneth the opportunity to vote for a local Green candidate.

Other parties have been slow to recognise the need for local action to address the multiple crises we face today which impact climate, environment, and the cost of living.

Green representation at all levels of politics is needed more now, than ever.

I will collaborate with local people to oppose the destruction of Green Belt, here, in neighbouring wards and throughout Tameside. The bulldozers must be stopped.

Tameside Council must recognise the urgent need to insulate homes to reduce energy usage. Homes will be more comfortable, bills will be lower and there will be less CO2 pumped into the atmosphere.

We must improve our public transport and the walking and cycling infrastructure. Everybody benefits from cheaper, more dependable, environmentally sustainable local transport.

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour and Co-Operative Party)

IT IS a great honour and a privilege to be chosen by the Labour Party to stand. I was first elected in Werneth in 1990 and again in 1994.

I have served on the council for more than 30 years and I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role.

I did retire from my role as councillor last year but feel the need to stand again as I see a Tory Government causing so many problems locally, we need to give the message there is a different approach.

We have seen people making the choice of heating or eating. While the utilities have made record profits.

The cost of living is the highest for 45 years. The pensioners’ triple lock has not been honoured, cutting the pay in real terms.

The NHS, after working all through Covid, has been let down. For such caring individuals feeling the only way to get what they deserve is to go on strike, just shows how out of touch the millionaires running the Tory Party are.

It’s simple “Can you afford to vote Tory?”

Paul Molloy (Conservative)

IT HAS been a great pleasure helping the residents over the last few years to resolve concerns and issues that you, the community, would like addressing.

Many of these issues have arisen from poor council maintenance and neglect of many basic services.

I strongly believe at this time we have an exciting opportunity to bring change and a vote for me will ensure that your Hyde Werneth Conservatives continue to hold the Labour council to account. Making the regeneration of Hyde town centre a priority by championing local businesses and encouraging national companies to return.

I will continue to help protect and campaign against the destruction of the Green Belt, putting all residents first by prioritising local issues and dealing with them head on.

Ensuring that our local roads are improved tackling dangerous potholes and ensuring the maintenance and repair to all lights, grids and footways are highlighted.

On Thursday, May 4, I ask for your support and your vote to elect me to continue to champion your priorities.

Vote Paul Molloy and together we can continue to make Hyde Werneth a great place to live.

Muhammad Rahman (Labour)

I HAVE lived in Hyde for 15 years and am raising my family here.

Through my work with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust as a council governor and with Hyde Bangladesh Welfare Association as an assistant secretary, I know the challenges that my community faces as one of the most deprived in the borough.

I constantly engage with local organisations and charities ensuring that my community gets the support it needs.

It is my honour to be standing as a Labour and Co-operative candidate in the all-out elections on May 4.

I want to represent those most in need of a voice in our community and make sure all communities of Werneth are heard.

If elected with my Labour and Co-operative colleagues, we will work hard together as a united team for a united Werneth and will be committed to putting the pride back into Hyde Werneth.

Ruth Welsh (Conservative)

I AM delighted to have been chosen to be one of the Conservative Party candidates in Hyde Werneth for this year’s local election, which will take place on May 4.

I have represented Werneth for 17 years in total and it is a role I find as fulfilling and worthwhile now as I did back in 2004, when I was first elected to the seat.

Hyde Werneth is a great ward, full of community-minded people who care greatly for the area and make it such a good place to live and bring up a family.

Alongside my Conservative colleagues, I work tirelessly to represent the residents and to continue improving Werneth.

I hope us all to be successful in this election so we can carry on working for you.

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