Local Elections 2023: Hyde Newton candidates

Helen Bowden (Labour and Co-Operative Party)

I AM driven by a desire to help my community, be it as a member of The Royal British Legion, a member of Bennett Street Youth Centre, a volunteer at Hyde Festival Theatre or as organiser of a women’s group in Newton.

I also work closely with the Mental Health groups based in newton.

My real passion is supporting people with mental health issues. My work as a support worker for those struggling with their mental health has given me a huge amount of insight into how mental health and poverty are linked and I bring this insight to all that I do as a councillor to support those struggling in our community.

As a lifelong resident of Newton, I am proud that I have been able to serve my community as councillor since 2007 and I hope that you will allow myself and my two colleagues to continue to serve you as residents by giving your three votes for Labour and Co-operative on May 4.

Peter Ball-Foster (Liberal Democrats)

MY family and I have lived in Newton for more than 25 years and during that time we have witnessed a steady decline in services and amenities.

Whether it’s social care, road repairs, anti-social behaviour or social housing to name just a few issues, Newton always feels forgotten.

Like so many, I am tired of broken Labour promises.

How many more chances do they need before things start to change?

That’s why I’m standing and why I’m asking for your vote and, If successful, why I will always put Newton first.

Emma Powell (Green)

I AM standing in Hyde Newton to give residents the opportunity to add to the work of our established Green councillor in Ashton.

As a Green councillor, I would work to progress Tameside’s climate change and environment strategy. There are still no defined actions or targets, despite an already agreed Greater Manchester Environment Plan.

More Greens on the council will strengthen our influence when challenging the huge Labour majority.

I fully support Green Councillor Lee Huntbach’s attempt to cut toxic pesticide use and swap grass verges for wildflowers.

This would save money on the grounds maintenance costs as well as benefitting the environment. A win for the budget and a win for wildlife!

We know Conservatives can’t win in Newton so one of your three votes could add a vital second Green to effect change, where Conservative votes are wasted.

If you want Green, vote Green!

Peter Robinson (Labour and Co-Operative Party)

I WAS honoured to be given the opportunity to represent the Labour and Co-operative Party again, it’s a privilege to be one of Newton’s three councillors.

Over the years I have campaigned successfully for our Sure Start facility, which unfortunately had its funding removed by this Government, for the rebuilding of both Hyde High and Flowery Field Schools, and to keep the Bennett Street Youth Club open.

All this with our budget being cut year on year.

As ward councillors we currently support around twenty local groups from community gardens through to music.

I am the co-chair of Sandwich Angels, a charity based in Newton which helps families in need, and I know many of you help with food donations, for which we all thank you.

I will always do my utmost to help our constituents.

Hugh Roderick (Labour and Co-Operative Party)

THE YEAR since I was elected to represent Hyde Newton has been a fantastic experience and as part of the team I am grateful to my ward colleagues, Cllrs Bowden and Robinson, who have provided invaluable support.

I am proud of the help I have been able to provide to residents and the work I have been able to do to help build a better future for Hyde.

The potential for development of the Victoria Street changing rooms for a community led sports facility and the draft master plan for regeneration of Hyde offer glimpses of the great potential that we have in Newton and Hyde to build a thriving town.

I ask that you give your three votes for Labour and Co-operative on May 4 so that all three of us can continue supporting you and all residents and working for a brighter future for Newton.

Carl Edwards (Conservative)

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Wendy Ince (Conservative)

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