Local Elections 2023: Ashton Hurst candidates

Dan Costello (Conservative)

SINCE you elected a second Conservative councillor for Hurst last May, you have seen the real difference we make to our communities.

By leading litter picks right across Hurst, almost 200 bags of rubbish have been removed from our streets.

Cllr Dan Costello

We have worked with local police to tackle speeding hotspots, helping keep our children safe.

Reporting the state of our crumbling roads to Ministers has seen an extra £6.2 million this year to fix Greater Manchester’s potholes – we will fight for our fair share of this money.

With 991 more police on the beat, increased fines, enhanced drug testing, and swift and visible justice, we will see a tough clampdown on crime and anti-social behaviour, bringing pride back to our neighbourhoods.

Hurst is a great place to live and bring up a family – don’t put all this at risk this May.

Vote for Dan Costello and Lucy Turner to continue to put Hurst first.

Hilary Jones (Green)

I AM standing to give the people of Ashton Hurst the opportunity to vote for a local Green candidate.

I have spent several years establishing our Urban Eco Roots Garden as a haven for wildlife and peaceful retreat for our community.

As a Green councillor, I would work to progress Tameside’s climate change and environment strategy.  The council declared a climate emergency three years ago but it still lacks sufficient defined actions or targets.

Given the cost-of-living crisis, we need to increase home insulation, for lower bills and lower CO2 emissions.

We need realistic walking and cycling infrastructure and better and cheap, reliable public transport. This would reduce car dependency as well as reducing both pollution and CO2.

Green-led councils across the country are already progressing on these issues.

Greens are already winners in Ashton. Councillor Lee Huntbach was first elected four years ago.

We now need more Greens to support his work challenging Labour on the environment and council tax bills.

Dolores Lewis (Labour)

I AM very proud to live in the ward of Ashton Hurst with my colleagues Mike Glover and Mohammed Karim.

We work hard together as a team and we know and respect the local community of the place we hope to represent.

There is no doubt that hard decisions lie ahead. We are all facing tough times with the cost of living crisis but I do believe that a positive attitude and optimism about the future will see Ashton Hurst residents through.

Those who are acquainted with me know I do not shrink from honesty while giving answers to complex and contrasting situations, albeit I will always do my best to find solutions to problems alongside Mike and Mohammed.

If I am elected my fundamental commitment will be to work with Mike and Mohammed along with the residents of Ashton Hurst for a safer and more sustainable place for us all to live.

Mike Glover (Labour)

I AM pleased and honoured to be selected as one of your Labour candidates for the coming local elections on May 4.

Over the eight years I have served as a Hurst Councillor, as well as the normal council meetings I have worked hard helping residents with council queries and delivering food throughout the pandemic.

I have built a strong supporting relationship with our local communities, schools and volunteers.

It’s important your local councillor lives in and is part of the local community. Myself along with my fellow candidates Mohammed Karim and Dolores Lewis live in Hurst Ward and are part of its community.

Due to boundary changes you will be asked to cast three votes on Election Day, please vote for all three of your Labour candidates.

Mohammed Karim (Labour)

IT IS my honour and privilege to be selected as one of your Labour candidates for Ashton Hurst ward for the forthcoming local election.

I have lived in this ward with my family more than 20 years. My three kids went to the local primary school, high school and Ashton Sixth Form College. They grew up playing in the local field.

I have always been involved with my community. I was a governor at a local high school and I am part of a few local organisations. I am currently president of a charity club.

I want to stand up for the local residents of my friendly home ward. This year you will be asked to cast three votes due to boundary changes.

My colleagues Mike Glover and Dolores Lewis, as well as myself, will be asking for your support for Ashton Hurst.

Please use your three votes for Labour on May 4. Remember to take photo ID with you to the polling station on election day.

Lucy Turner (Conservative)

AFTER you elected me as your local councillor last year, I have been deeply involved with the community, whether through working on road safety to protect our children, improving our local environment through litter picks and trying to re-open the community garden at Hazelhurst, or supporting community groups and events, like the Brass Band contest and local scout and guide groups.

Dan and I have worked together to show what a strong Conservative team can achieve for you and your family.

If you re-elect us, we will encourage more community pride by supporting residents’ groups, assist the police tackle crime and anti-social behaviour by breathing life into stalled Neighbourhood Watch schemes, and help improve our environment by continuing our litter picks.

Don’t put all this at risk by leaving it to someone else to vote for it.

Secure a strong future for our local communities by voting Lucy Turner and Dan Costello on May 4.


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