Local Elections 2023: Ashton St Michael’s candidates

Andrew McLaren (Labour)

I AM standing for the first time as a Labour candidate in St Michael’s ward.

I’m a Chartered Surveyor. I live and work in St Michael’s ward, where I run my own surveying practice.

I’m married with two children and my son attends the local comprehensive school.

My fellow candidates Bill Fairfoull and Jean Drennan are re-standing for election. They have been really helpful guiding me through the election campaign and their experience is invaluable.

I’ve already been involved with local residents’ meetings and trying to help and support the councillors resolve issues which include property related matters and planning issues.

I live, work, shop and socialise in St Michael’s ward. I love where I live and would love to serve the residents alongside Bill and Jean.

If elected I will work continuously to serve all St Michael’s residents with empathy, honesty, hard work and integrity.

Bill Fairfoull (Labour)

I AM extremely honoured to have been once again selected as one of your Labour candidates for St Michael’s ward for the forthcoming local elections on May 4.

I was first elected 2010, which coincided with the Tories coming to power. Since then, we have seen over £200 million taken away from our local budget.

This has meant it has become more difficult to provide services for local residents and further pressure being placed on adult and children’s social care services.

It is important that St Michael’s has representatives who will ensure the ward gets its fair share of the pot – no matter how difficult our current financial situation.

This year you will be asked to cast three votes due to boundary changes. My colleagues Andrew McLaren, Jean Drennan and myself will be asking for your support for the St Michael’s Labour Team.

Jean Drennan (Labour)

IT HAS been a privilege to serve the people of St Michael’s since first being elected in 2021.

Since then, I have thrown myself into supporting many local community groups such as Hillgate Residents Association, Cockbrook Homewatch and Friends of King George V playing fields.

I also work closely with our local police and PCSOs.

Your St Michael’s Labour Team is also setting up a number of new residents groups across the ward to continue our community engagement programme.

I’m vigilant in tackling anti-social behaviour and fly tipping and I regularly monitor hot spots and ensure any problems are reported as soon as possible.

If re-elected, I’ll continue to work hard as part of your St Michael’s Labour team and I will always be contactable and available to help constituents at any time.

Jenny Ross (Green)

AS A concerned mother of an 11-year-old son, I am working to promote essential environmental actions to protect his future.

I am offering the people of Ashton St Michael’s the opportunity to vote for a local Green candidate.

As a former school governor, I have experience of advocating for individuals needing support. I can be trusted to act in the interests of residents in the ward.

Greens are already winners in Ashton since Councillor Lee Huntbach was elected four years ago. We need more Greens to support his work challenging Labour to improve performance and ceasing Council tax hikes.

I would support Councillor Huntbach’s goals of banning council use of deadly glyphosate weedkiller and transforming council verges from grass to wildflowers.

This will benefit wildlife as well as reducing maintenance costs.

The cost-of-living-crisis has highlighted the need to reduce transport costs with cheaper, reliable public transport and safer walking and cycling provision.

Green-led councils across the country are already progressing on these issues.

John Bartley (Liberal Democrats)

I AM currently retired but have plenty of experience from working as a computer programmer.

If you don’t vote, you can’t change anything.

This is the first year you must have authorised photo ID to vote at a polling station.

The alternative is to get a postal vote. Both these options will run out before polling day.

In this local election, matters like the environment should be a factor in deciding who to vote for, as well as the many services we rely on.

But I feel councillors should be of service to the community. If I’m elected, I promise to be that.

Victoria Golas (Conservative)

MAKING our communities safe is my number one priority, so I am pleased the Government is cracking down on antisocial behaviour and putting more 991 police officers on our streets.

Too often local residents are intimidated walking the streets of Ashton and it just isn’t good enough.

I am asking for your support to bring a fresh voice to our council and to fight for somewhere for younger people to go to see their friends.

Gangs of youths may be intimidating to some, but all too often, younger people are the victims themselves of crime and antisocial behaviour.

Most of the councillors in Tameside are retired and out of touch with what young people want and need.

No-one is fighting for your children and grandchildren. If you elect me, I will stand up for everyone in St Michael’s and help everyone feel more secure.

Only a vote for your local Conservative candidate is a vote to make our streets safer.


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