Mobile phone mast rejected

DEVELOPERS received the festive gift they did not want after a plan to place a 50ft high 5G phone mast in the middle of Mossley were rejected.

CK Hutchinson applied to Tameside Council to place an 18 metre monopole, a wraparound cabinet at its base and three additional cabinets at Stamford Street, next to the town’s market ground.

But after concerns and objections were raised by groups including Mossley Town Team and Mossley Town Council, they were told two days before Christmas their bid had been rejected.

The site originally planned for the 5G phone mast | Photo by Gemma Carter

Ian Saxon, Tameside Council’s director of place, told them: “The proposal would not improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area nor does it comply with the development plan and therefore does not comprise sustainable development.

“There were no amendments to the scheme, or conditions which could reasonably have been imposed, which could have made the development acceptable and it was therefore not possible to approve the application.”

Lydia Darne and Tony Snape, representing Mossley Town Team, voiced their concerns to the Town Council at its December meeting.

Concerns about the development expressed by the residents included the lack of notice to the public about the application and the proposed siting in a prominent position at the heart and focal point of the town centre.

Members of the public were also worried about potential health hazards in particular to children attending a school located in close proximity.

The Town Council pointed out it, the Town Team, the Civic Society and Tameside Council, plus many volunteers, had contributed to enhancing the town centre.

It was also recognised towns needed to not only reduce unwanted and obsolete equipment, furniture and signs, but should take extreme care in additional provision.

Mossley has phone masts in place already close to Micklehurst cricket club | Photo by Gemma Carter

The council noted: “This development would be contrary to and undermine the public realm aspirations which Tameside had supported in past policies and plans.

“The Town Council and the objectors fully appreciated and indeed welcomed the prospect of 5G availability in the town but were unanimous in the view that the location proposed was completely inappropriate for this development.

“Unless there were specific reasons why the proposed development must be located in this location, the Town Council considered that alternative sites must be considered.

“A more appropriate location should be sought for the development.”

Other possible sites identified were the car park at the rear of the George Lawton Hall, land adjacent to Micklehurst Cricket Club – which the company responsible for installing them is believed to be looking at – and land in the vicinity of Mossley AFC.

It was added: “The football club may benefit considerably from any income derived from location at this site.”

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