Tameside Captured: looking through your lens

IT may be a new year but some things do not change – the weather cannot make its mind up and Tameside’s ability to provide great pictures.

Another thing that does not change is Correspondent readers’ brilliance in capturing them on camera.

And given the changeable conditions, there is a wide range of scenes.

This month’s star image goes to Mark Buchan Jones with his dazzling photo of a kingfisher, one that does not really need a backdrop.

Tameside Captured – Mark Buchan Jones – STAR IMAGE

However, conditions have really allowed for backdrops to make images – both during the day and night.

Night-time provided 13-year-old George Swift the chance to catch a superb long exposure shot of traffic from Ashton’s Ikea building, while Adi Brookes used it to her advantage with this haunting image.

The daytime was caught superbly by Gary Whittaker, Spike Hammond, Gary Taylor and Scott Lane, who could not resist soaking up some all-too-rare sun.

Tameside Captured – George Swift who is 13-years old

Michael Moore also used it to great effect when he stumbled on the sight of a boat sticking out of the canal.

Now being winter, a shot of the snow could not be left and Dave Parrack braved it to get his shot of the white stuff adding to what was already there.

• If you want to contribute to Tameside Captured, you can either email photos as a JPEG attachment to gary@localcommunications.co.uk Or you can post them in our Tameside Captured Facebook group. Search for ‘Tameside Captured’ or head online to www.facebook.com/groups/1689679511210273

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