Bread and Butter spreads

A CHARITY that helps provide food for people in need is opening new hubs across the area.

The Bread and Butter Thing has proved popular since setting up in Hattersley in 2018 – now it is coming to Haughton Green and Ridge Hill.

And community partners in Works4U and George’s Kitchen will be getting involved when the hub in the area of Stalybridge opens at Big Local on Thursday, September 2.

Volunteers from The Big Local in Stalybridge getting ready to launch ‘The Bread and butter thing’

For just £7.50, members’ shopping bags are filled with a minimum of £35 worth of items made up of quality fresh food – including fruit and vegetables.

As the service is created from surplus food, the contents vary from day to day and week to week offering plenty of variety and the chance to try new foods.

National manufacture and distribution of food generates edible surpluses that are often wasted.

But The Bread and Butter Thing’s team is expert in working with food businesses in providing them a reliable service to redistribute these surpluses – helping reduce their environmental effects whilst increasing their positive impact in communities by creating a quality, affordable food service for people on low incomes.

After starting in the Trafford area, The Bread and Butter Thing now has almost 50 hubs operating across the North of England, including 31 in Greater Manchester – one opened in Ashton’s St Peter’s Church on July 14 and one started operating from the Haughton Green Centre on August 17.

A total of five new hubs will be established in high-need areas after a grant from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Volunteers receive their training at The Big Local

It is not just food it helps with, although Hattersley became Tameside’s first location as it is, in fact, classed as a ‘food desert.’

It supports other vital local work and works to provide support with experts in debt counselling, housing advice, mental health support and grant applications.

Mark Game, The Bread and Butter Thing’s chief executive said: “I’m delighted that we can expand our services in Tameside to support more low income families who face the daily challenges of making ends meet.

“Our members tell us that over 80 per cent of them have previously had to skip meals to feed their families.

“By using TBBT, most save £25 a week on their food budgets with the added benefits of better quality and a bigger variety of food, and we save tonnes of surplus edible food from going to waste. It’s a win/win solution for everyone.

“We’re looking forward to working alongside our local partners in Tameside to serve its communities and help support low income families across the region.”

Hattersley’s Bread and Butter Thing hub was led by Emma Leyla, who always targeted growing across Tameside.

She told The Correspondent: “I believe this kind of thing is needed.

“I’ve noticed a difference since Bread and Butter came to Hattersley. People are excited to see what they get and what they can do with it.

“It’s been a real positive.”

New TBBT members are always welcome – either direct through their local hub or by  emailing For more information visit:


Images by Gemma Carter

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