Taxi driver Simon’s most unusual passenger prompts first book

SIMON Turner has put into print many of his unusual and bizarre experiences during 17 years as a Tameside taxi driver.

‘Ave yer bin busy?’ is the work of the Ashton man whose debut book has been written under the nom de plume Simon Whisky.

Simon, 57, who was raised in Flowery Field, Hyde, explained that it was an early experience as a taxi driver which prompted him to begin writing them down.

And the first tale ‘Rover’ about a dog making its final journey to the vets proved the catalyst.

Simon Turner

He explained: “I was given the job on the radio and warned not be jokey and light-hearted, as you try to with customers, as it was the dog’s final journey.

“I assumed the owner was taking the dog to the vets to be put down, but found the dog was already dead.

“It was as hard as a board, and I still had to take it to the vets.”

Simon added that always stuck in his mind, explaining all the stories are unusual ranging from a cauliflower to the demon drink and psychos.

Simon Turner

“I try and put a comic twist on them, and people have told me they have laughed when reading every page,” he continued.

Simon, who was once a buyer for British Aerospace, began writing the book in 2016, stopped for three years and then revisited and completed it during lockdown when he was unable to work for a spell.

And he found an illustrator to add further life to some of the more unusual stories.

The title of the book is based on the first words passengers say to him.

Simon admitted to once having literary ambitions as during his 20s he wrote a sitcom, musical, more than 70 songs, seven children’s stories and invented a card and three board games but said none have ever seen the light of day.

Simon has self-published ‘Ave yer bin busy?’ on Amazon Bookstore. It is available on kindle and paperback and have received many five-star ratings from readers.

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