Celtic chief looks to stay on the ball

ROB Gorski is keen for Stalybridge Celtic to remain ahead of the game as they prepare for the 2021-22 campaign.

Celtic’s chairman and majority shareholder is acutely aware clubs in the Northern Premier League are already signing players for the new season.

Mr Gorski explained: “I would like to give Simon (Haworth, manager) an idea as to his playing budget as soon as possible.

“We have already seen some clubs already signing players for next season and I am keen to get the ball rolling so he can talk to some of the better players who are available.

“He cannot do that until we give him a budget to work with.”

Rob Gorski

Mr Gorski, who is having Zoom discussions with the board of directors, hopes to have the budget decided by April.

“Ordinarily the season would finish at the end of April or early May and we would give Simon his budget for the following year in June,” he continued.

“By sorting it early, it will give Simon time and clarity about what he can do.”

Mr Gorski also hinted Haworth will be given more money than for the aborted 2020-21 season as the club explores new revenue streams.

He said: “The board has to finalise the figure, but I would like it to be a larger figure than for this season.

“Any football club that stands still goes backwards, something we are determined not to do.

“If we do not develop new revenue streams or ideas, we will continue to go further down.

“It is the responsibility of the board at every football club to push it forward as much as they can, and we are no exception.”

Mr Gorski added Celtic are looking ahead with optimism.

He said: “We believe we have a great manager, though the last year has been stop-start for all managers.

“Hopefully with the pandemic behind us, we should have a full uninterrupted season.

“I believe we owe it to the fans to give Simon as big a budget as we can to get us up the league.”

Mr Gorski added Haworth, who will be beginning his fourth season as manager, is looking to add more experience to the squad.

He said: “Simon has told me he would like a more experienced spine to the team.

“He had tried talented but inexperienced players but, as we saw last season, there was a need for more physicality and experience so I expect to see a slightly different make up on the side.”

• Celtic’s fans may be wondering why Haworth’s thoughts have not been documented in The Correspondent which has been trying to establish contact with the manager since December to discuss his plans but all messages, voicemails and texts, have gone unanswered.

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