Town Council pledges £10,000 to inspire community venture

MOSSLEY Town Council has committed £10,000 funding to encourage the community to take over the former changing rooms on Egmont Street within the King George Playing Fields.

The single-storey building has been disused for some time and, although believed to be basically sound, has suffered from vandalism.

Tameside Council wish to dispose of the building and Cllr Stephen Homer has been driving forward negotiations around the retention of the building for community uses, including talks with Mossley Football Club which is keen to be involved.

Egmont Street Pavilion

He said: “Tameside have agreed that we can have time to develop the idea as they would rather see it go back to a community asset.

“I have been discussing this idea with local organisations but as we all know the Covid 19 pandemic has hit their ability to take on new ventures.

“We see this as support for a range of activities on the site and a possibility for community café.”

The Town Council has allocated £10,000 to start the ball rolling. This would help to assess the building, providing seed funding for any group looking to take it on.

The Pavilion sits inside the playing fields in Mossley

Town Council chair Cllr Frank Travis said: “This is a real opportunity for improvement and this contribution can be used to attract match funding from other sources.

“New and existing groups have problems raising finance for projects, so this gives them a flying start and confidence from the outset.”

The Town Council stressed the need for a sustainable plan to be in place before the funds are released and it is agreed with Tameside Council as part of the deal.

Town councillor Pat Mullin, who has also looked at the scheme, added: “We would like to include in time the potential of the whole Egmont Street site, including opportunities for more family and sports activities and protection of the natural environment along the canal and river”.

Interested individuals or groups should contact or Town Council clerk Mike Iveson on 07809 690890.

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