Plans to plant orchards in two churchyards bears fruit with a blessing from enthusiastic vicar

ORCHARDS are to be created in two Mossley churchyards.

Fruit trees are to be planted at St John’s and St George’s as part of a planting programme co-ordinated by Mossley Town Council.

Five apple trees are to be planted at St John’s and three near the lychgate at St George’s after the town council sanctioned the £300 spend.

The Town Council meeting was told the Rev David Warner is enthusiastic about the creation of orchards and he was seeking approval from the church for further fruit trees to be planted moving forward.

The Town Council also provided a further £250 to be spent on 1,000 daffodil bulbs which are likely to be planted on the bridlepath and canal towpath.

The planting will be co-ordinated by town councillor Martin Stimson, who earlier oversaw the planting of thousands of bluebells which created a splash of colour in the town.

The Town Council has also applied to the Woodland trust for 15 free trees which, if successful, have been earmarked for Micklehurst.

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