People book in for a swap

BOOKWORMS are flocking to spread the word about their favourite reads as a swapping idea has taken on a life of its own.

And a simple clear out started the scheme in Mossley.

Hayley Griffiths decided to offer her books to a good home rather than just throwing them away – now an idea is spreading.

After one box was placed on the corner of Staley Road and Cemetery Road, it soon became clear that another was needed and the growth shows no signs of stopping yet.

Not even two incidents of vandalism – the latest seeing the box and books thrown over an embankment – are putting her off.

Hayley Griffiths

Hayley said: “It started when I was having a clear out of the books I had and thought rather than give them to a shop I’d give them away.

“So I popped them in a small storage box and put them on the bench, I then posted on the Mossley Facebook pages to let people know.

“Someone then asked if she could put her used books in to which I said, ‘Yes no problem’ and then someone else did the same.

“Before I knew it every day I’d go and there’d be new books in, so I kept it there and made its own Facebook page.”

The Correspondent’s resident reader, Gemma Carter, popped down to leave books of her own for people to pick up and go through themselves.

And if the Staley Road Book Swap’s popularity continues to grow, never mind a new box – there may be the need for a new bench to put them on!

Hayley added: “As it became more popular the box just wasn’t big enough so I got a bigger one which also got filled quickly!

“I now have two book boxes there and still people are swapping and changing, which I love. I still do the same too.”

• Find out more about the Staley Road Book Swap by visiting

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