Xarifa can finally start making waves again

PLAYERS from a Denton-based underwater hockey team can finally get back to doing the sport they love after its new training base re-opened.

Now all Xarifa need is a game!

The successful side found itself literally marooned on dry land after the Denton Wellness Centre it recently moved to had to close because of the Covid-19 outbreak.Even the imposition of stronger restrictions in the Greater Manchester did not affect their preparations, once they were in the water.

However, there is no longer any ‘spurting’ from snorkels above the surface.

Phil Thompson, of the Xarifa club, said: “It’s fantastic to be back in the pool after so long.

“Our club has followed guidance from the governing body, the British Octopush Association, which builds on the facility guidance normal operating procedures.

“For underwater hockey, this has meant some changes to the way we use our snorkels to avoid “spurting” water.

“But it is important to point out that while underwater, the virus cannot be transmitted.
“Underwater hockey safer than sports played above the water.”

There may be plans nationally to get back up and running, or rather swimming, as the BOA National Finals remain scheduled for Leeds’ John Charles Centre for Sport in September.

And while the role of Active Tameside in helping them get back in the pool is appreciated, there is still one thing missing – a competitive match.

Phil added: “In my opinion, Active Tameside has taken a pragmatic approach to re-opening, as many pools in the UK remain closed.

“This is an asset to the community.

“We have no immediate plans to hold any competitions or tournaments, but this may change as lockdown eases.”

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