Pilot event helps check if children are school ready

A PILOT school readiness event was recently held in Hyde and it is hoped to eventually roll it out across the borough.

‘Getting Your Child Ready For School’ was organised by Tameside Children’s Services’ early years’ team and held at St George’s Primary School.

The Hyde Werneth ward was chosen because there is a problem with school readiness according to Maureen Wallis, neighbourhood programme for early help.

Issues include children not being toilet trained and lacking communication skills with the objective to bring in families and inform them how best to make their children school ready.

School readiness in the ward is low as a large percentage of children do not go to nurseries.

“The issues are not with schools, but children don’t come school ready,” explained Maureen.

The Saturday event was aimed at parents and carers with children up to four years of age.

Present were a broad range of services to help with the tools and techniques to get children ready for school.

They included the early years’ team, Tameside Parenting Support, Tameside Libraries’ Bookstart, The Family Information Service, NHS health visitor and school nurse team, the Bangladeshi Welfare Association, St George’s Primary and Greenfield Primary.

There were also fun activities including a story makers session, treasure hunt and refreshments.
The event followed a professionals’ learning circle, run by Tameside early help and neighbourhoods’ team in July, which highlighted that children are below the national and Tameside averages for school readiness in this particular area.

School readiness focuses on a child’s ability to enter their school life ready to learn and the team wants to encourage parents and children to work on the following areas:
• Self-care – encourage your child to wash their hands and wipe their nose.
• Speaking and literacy – read stories with your child and look at picture books.
• Listening and understanding – giving your child instructions to follow like can you tidy up, pass me your bowl etc.
• Sharing and turn taking – encourage your child to share and take turns and interact with other children.

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