Fresh Voices to be heard at Guide Bridge Theatre

AN AUDENSHAW theatre is to give Fresh Voices another chance to show what they can do on stage.

Guide Bridge has announced Fresh Voices 2024: A Showcase of Original Short Plays by Wordsmiths INK Group.

Talented playwrights and performers will take to the Audenshaw Road stage from Thursday, April 11 until Saturday, April 13 to give the audience a glimpse of what may come in the future.

Featuring six unique and thought-provoking pieces – from heartfelt dramas to uproarious comedies – Fresh Voices 2024 promises to be an unforgettable theatrical experience and offer something for every theatre enthusiast.

Put Some Butter On It by Michelle Lockwood will allow the audience to join three friends on a hilarious journey through the trials and tribulations of middle-aged life as they ponder the age-old question, ‘Who has it worse, men or women?’

Cherries for Eddie by TV McKarren promises to unravel the web of lies and deceit as Kate and her brother-in-law, Eddie, confront buried secrets during a transformative hospital visit.

Stephen Burke’s Shelter sees three strangers caught in a storm, but as they come together, they discover the power of connection and friendship in a heartwarming comedy.

But J A Lomas’ 23:17 promises something different as Marcus embarks on a gripping journey into darkness and desperation as he faces a critical choice with time running out.

Will he succumb to the shadows or find the strength to embrace the light?

Mountain Gorillas by Ashleigh Jones tells of Stephanie’s struggle against societal pressures as she navigates through a world obsessed with the idea of motherhood in this poignant exploration of choice and identity.

And Well Met By Moonlight by Paul Charlesworth is described as a madcap adventure set in a present-day wood, where a bored couple finds themselves at the mercy of a mischievous trickster in a Shakespearean-inspired comedy.

Fresh Voices 2024 promises to be a showcase of talent that lies on the doorstep and you can be part of it.

Tickets cost £9 and are available from

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