Tameside man ‘thrilled with new me’ after enlisting Slimming World’s help

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A TAMESIDE man who had piled on the pounds after breaking his back has lost nearly four stone with the help of his Slimming World group.

John sustained the injury when involved in a “nasty accident” many years ago and his back was in pain most of the time.

But as his weight crept up, he also began to experience knee pain, shortness of breath and felt constantly tired.

“I had done a good job of telling myself my aches and pains were from my injury and I just had to live with it,” John explained.

John showing off his incredible weight loss

“But deep down, I knew that the added weight was making it worse and maybe that was something I could do something about.”

John’s wife of 36 years, Melanie, has asthma and iron and B12 deficiency which leaves her with very little energy and relying on her husband to do the things she no longer can.

But when John himself was finding those things more difficult, he suddenly had more determination to turn things around for both of them.

“With my newfound determination, I embarked on cutting out my sweets and chocolate and not having so much fast food,” he said.

“I lost around one stone and was delighted. However, I couldn’t seem to lose anymore. I was somewhat on a yo-yo, losing a few pounds only to regain it again. I realised I needed some help to lose the rest.”

John had heard about Slimming World through a friend who’d had great success so he found his local group, which happened to be meeting that very evening at Haughton Green Methodist Church. He plucked up the courage to go along.

“I was so nervous walking through the door but I needn’t have worried,” John said.

“I was met by a lovely fellow member who welcomed me, asked if I’d like a cup of tea and took me across to meet the Consultant, Andrea. She was so reassuring, I felt at ease with her straight away.

“When she told me how much food I could eat and lose weight I almost couldn’t believe it but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain from this so I jumped in with both feet!

“That first week I was eating far more than I had when I lost weight on my own but it was bigger portions of healthy choices like lean chicken, steak, potatoes, pasta with lots of veg and salad.

John before enlisting the help of slimming world

“I have always enjoyed food and before Slimming World I thought to lose weight I would have to compromise on flavour but oh was I wrong! We were enjoying meals that tasted better than ever – my all-time favourite is Hunters Chicken with colcannon mash and steamed fresh vegetables!”

John was “absolutely thrilled” to have lost 5lbs in his first week using Slimming World and has kept on progressing since.

He’s reaping the benefits and is grateful for the support his Slimming World group has given him.

“The support of Andrea and everyone at our group has been truly amazing,” John admitted.

“Every week we support one another, give new ideas and recipes and help one another make the changes that are needed to succeed.

“You quickly realise that at Slimming World, you are empowered to take back control of your life and I am thrilled to say that I have!

“I am now no longer in pain with my knees and though my back will always cause me some problems, that too has improved! I am able to go on long walks now and my energy levels have improved significantly.

“Although my wife hasn’t joined yet herself, just by eating the meals I prepare, she too is seeing the benefit.

“I have now lost a total of 3st 11.5lbs. I am thrilled with the new me and I am never going back!

“I would say to anyone in the area who feels like I did just give Andrea a call on 07897 953298 and come along and join us. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Visit https://www.slimmingworld.co.uk to find your nearest Slimming World group.

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