Advice on making your next property move this year

JANUARY is traditionally when people switch their focus from the festivities to thinking about what the year ahead might look like for them.

It’s also a time when many, after a period of sofa surfing between eating the leftover turkey and taking down the tinsel, think about finding their next house.

The residential property team at Oldham-based Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers have had an “exceptionally busy” past year, working with clients all over the UK and helping over 400 people either sell their home or make their next move.

Victoria Marshall, Head of Property at Pearson, said: “Traditionally January is when people turn their attention from turkey to plans for the forthcoming year, and often we see those moves come to fruition by spring.

Victoria Marshall, Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers

“Obviously interest rate changes and uncertainty in the marketplace have played their part this year, but people still need to move for a variety of reasons and we expect a busy start to the New Year.”

But when it comes to house hunting, the Pearson property team has some timely tips for those thinking of making a move in 2024.

Take advantage of reduced competition: Whilst browsing might be up, committing to a house is a wholly different matter. Many people postpone major decisions, including buying or selling homes, during holiday periods. This can work to your advantage as there may be fewer buyers in the market. Sellers might be more motivated to close deals.

Check for winter-specific concerns: Winter weather can reveal different aspects of a property, such as heating efficiency, insulation and potential issues like drafts or leaks. Pay attention to how well the house is insulated and heated, as well as the condition of the roof and windows. Also, don’t forget to ask about Japanese Knotweed, as the roots are buried deep in winter but can affect your mortgage and future property resale. 

Research solicitors: Research property solicitors, get recommendations from family and friends and check the price quoted for the job will be the actual price you pay. Does the quote include the cost of search results, stamp duty, advice on mortgage offers and gifted deposits? A qualified solicitor will deal with every aspect of your sale or purchase, from search results to mortgage offers, gifted deposits and money laundering, as well as the actual title of the property.

Victoria also has some final words of wisdom for potential sellers.

“Speak to your solicitor before marketing the property,” she said. “By instructing your solicitor before marketing the property, they can be preparing the house for sale so once you have found a buyer you are already one step ahead.”

Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers, which can trace its roots back to 1874, offers a range of legal and financial services to private and commercial clients from offices in Oldham, Hollinwood and Failsworth.

Anyone seeking advice or a quote on their next property move can check out this portal at or call 0161 785 3500 or email

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