Hyde firm hopes for minimal disruption despite blaze

THE Hyde firm whose premises were destroyed in a large fire insists it will do all it can to fulfil its commitments – one way or another.

Visual Architects’ building on Meadow Street saw its walls and roof collapse after the blaze broke out on the evening of Monday, January 22.

People living nearby described the sound as being like ‘fireworks’ as fire crews from around the area raced to the scene.


The visual Architects building was destroyed by a large fire on Monday, January 22

Some remained on site the day after as all checks were carried out to make sure people evacuated from their homes could return safely.

And the company, which provides sets and stage designs for music festivals including Manchester’s Parklife and Kendal Calling, has confirmed none of its staff or workers at neighbouring firms were injured.

It also vowed to do all it can to keep disruption to a minimum.

In a statement, Visual Architects – ran by Lefteris and Alexis Angelidis – said: “We deeply regret to inform you that one of our production facilities experienced a fire incident in the evening of January 22.

“Our team is actively assessing the situation to understand the extent of the damage and plan our recovery efforts. Luckily, none of our staff or neighbours were injured in fire.

“Despite this unfortunate event, we want to assure you that our commitment to serving your needs remains paramount.

“Our team is diligently working to ensure minimal disruption to our business operations and we are exploring alternative solutions to fulfil your requirements.

The clean-up process underway at the scene

“We understand the importance of our products and services to your operations and we are dedicated to keeping you informed as we navigate through this challenging time.

“Our priority is to maintain open communication and provide updates on our progress. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

“If you have any specific concerns or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

After a successful 2023, Visual Architects targeted more success as they stated: “From futuristic worlds at Amnesia Ibiza and Eden Ibiza, to multi-layered settings at Kendal Calling, Bluedot Festival and Bassfest, and enchanted escapes at Oasis Drinks, Boohoo and Wellnergy Festival, we are ready with the most exciting ideas for the next year.”

The fire saw one of the main routes through Hyde, from Energie Fitness Ricky Hatton on Market Street to Hyde Cemetery on Stockport Road, closed leading to disruption to bus services.

Other streets, including part of Lumn Road, were also shut as a cordon was put in place.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service told The Correspondent decisions regarding what happens next at the site lie primarily with Tameside Council and the building’s owners.

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