Management company says much of tornado damage on Stalybridge estate is outside their remit

PEOPLE living on an estate badly affected by the tornado that ripped through Stalybridge have been told they would have to arrange repair of much of the damage.

The Stonemead development in Carrbrook – which takes in Calico Crescent and Printers Drive – has seen gable ends fall, roof tiles and timbers ripped off and door windows put through, as well as other concerns, as a result of the freak storm on Wednesday, December 27.

The Correspondent told how residents – some of whom are living in hotels – are clearing up while some properties are without electricity.

And after some people told how they had heard nothing from management company Residential Management Group (RMG), they insist they were dealing with things straight away.

They have also set up a roof survey of the apartment building to make sure there are no further issues.

The Stonemead development in Carrbrook

RMG Operations director Justin Herbert told The Correspondent: “I am aware of the incident on the December 27 and we had people on site immediately after but access was understandably restricted by the emergency services.

“The scheme is under the control of a Residents Management Company and we have been in regular contact with the directors of the company and our customer service team has been available to provide support to the residents.

“RMG are employed by the Management Company to manage the estate and the apartment buildings.

“We have arranged a roof survey of the apartment block to check for any damage.

“This is a very traumatic time for the residents who have been affected by the tornado and we will do all we can to support them within our areas of responsibility.”

Officially, Stonemead (Stalybridge) Management Company has responsibility but that is listed as being based at RMG House in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

Among its responsibilities stated when it was formed in September 2002 was a lengthy list of what it looks after.

It states: “To manage and administer, repair, reinstate, renew, replace, uphold, support, protect, maintain, amend, preserve, alter, improve, cleanse, tidy, sweep, clear, empty, drain, decorate, redecorate and illuminate firstly the whole and any part and any parts of certain land buildings and any accessways, footpaths, steps, slopes, parking areas, refuse disposal areas, gardens, grounds, walls, fences, gates, sewers, ponds, reservoirs, pumping stations, manholes, drains, pipes, lines, wires, cables, mains, lighting and water installations, meters, amplifiers, aerials, security facilities, tradesmen facilities, entry telephones, storerooms and any other parts of and appendages and appurtenances to all or any thereof (hereinafter together called “the Development”) being land premises Stonemead, Castle Lane, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester and facilities known and secondly any other property whether real or personal either on its own account or as trustee nominee or agent of any other company or anybody or person to provide services and facilities in relation thereto and to regulate and control the use of all and any thereof and to employ appropriate staff and other personnel.”

The clean up is underway on Calico Crescent in Carrbrook

However, The Correspondent has been told by RMG they cannot look after much of the damage to the properties.

Mr Herbert added: “Most of the damage is to the houses and the boundary walls to the house gardens, and these are not within our management responsibility.

“The house owners have been contacting their insurers and loss adjustors have been on site dealing with these matters.”

The management company has been asked to send a representative to a meeting of people directly affected by the tornado – and only those directly affected – at Buckton Vale Institute on Wednesday, January 3 at 6.30pm.

Representatives from Greater Manchester Police and Tameside Council will be in attendance.

One Reply to “Management company says much of tornado damage on Stalybridge estate is outside their remit”

  1. The biggest list of nonsensical informationI have ever read!! Find a mass list of services potentially offered on other managed estates, cut and paste and assume they are applied here. I can assure you the first 2 items mentioned.
    (manage and administer) account for circa 76% of the yearly service charge as (fees) with the balance on the physical aspects of repairs and maintenance, it has been the residents who have cleaned the streets with support from Tameside Council collections, RMG have been nowhere to be seen neither have their ground maintenance teams to support the clean up.
    Overall, the sentiment conveyed appears to indicate that this situation places the onus on residents to avoid potential liabilities.

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