Mossley Town Councillor steps down, sparking possible by-election

MOSSLEY may go back to the polls following the resignation of one of its town councillors.

Sally Davies has stepped down from her seat in the Lancashire Ward, less than six months after being elected.

And if 10 people living in the area say a by-election is needed by Tuesday, September 19, one will be called for later this year.

Sally Davies

If not enough contact Sandra Stewart, returning officer at Tameside Council, which oversees elections, the body will operate with one councillor fewer or co-opt someone on to it.

The now ex-Cllr Davies was one of the new faces returned to Mossley Town Council is May’s elections.

But already, she has stepped down and a vacancy has been declared.

A notice states: “As a result of the resignation from the Town Council of former Lancashire Ward Councillor Sally Davies, a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Mossley Town (Parish) Council.

“If an election is called, it will take place not later than November 21.

“If no such request is made by September 19, the Town Council may fill the vacancy by co-option.

“The Returning Officer at Tameside MBC has published formal notice of the vacancy and requests for the vacancy to be filled by election must be made to her in writing at the following address before September 19.”


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