Denton centre still looking for Lurcher’s new home one year on

A REHOMING centre in Denton is still looking for a new home for a six-year-old Lurcher as the year-long wait continues.

Dogs Trust Manchester is urging dog lovers out there to consider adopting the long-legged Max, who is friendly with everyone he meets and could live with children aged 14 and over.

Lurchers are sighthounds (such as a Greyhound, Whippet or Saluki) crossed with another breed and therefore differ in size with variable hair lengths. Found in a variety of colours, they are known for their long frames, deep chests and loving natures.

Marvellous Max is pictured with Canine Carer Megan Slann

Max has seen hundreds of dogs head off to their forever homes since being at the centre on Parkway since last September, but he has sadly been overlooked thus far.

He enjoys a trip out in the car and the company of female dogs but reacts to male dogs, so Max has been muzzle trained at the centre.

The manager at Dogs Trust Manchester believes Max would make a wonderful addition to a family.

“Lurchers are loyal dogs that form very strong bonds with their owners,” said Lisa Eardley. “They tend to be trustworthy, gentle and affectionate so will bring a lot of love to their owner’s lives and we know that is true of Max.

“He recently went on a sleepover with a member of staff and settled in immediately!

Max loves to be around people and proved to be the perfect houseguest when he enjoyed a sleepover at a staff member’s house

“It is a myth that Lurchers need a huge amount of exercise and long walks, they do need regular exercise like every dog, but they also very much relish lounging on the sofa and again, Max is typical of his breed.

“As he reacts to male dogs ideally his new family will be able to take him to lovely places where dogs aren’t off lead, and he walks beautifully on the lead so being out with him in quieter areas is a real joy. He is also a foodie so if he needs distracting when he’s out and about, a tasty treat always does the trick!”

Anyone who wants to find out more about Max should visit

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