Traders may affect Ashton market plans

STALLHOLDERS on Ashton-under-Lyne’s market have been told they may impact plans to renovate the area.

Tameside Council has submitted a £10.8 million scheme that would see outside stalls and kiosks it says are currently plagued by anti-social behaviour replaced and placed under a large canopy.

New gardens at Wellington Road, by the Grade Two-listed Ashton Town Hall and the indoor Market Hall would also be created.

Works would also take place on Market Street, improving Fletcher Square which would become a ‘more intimate’ arrival space connecting the east of the town centre with the market grounds.

It would also create a seating and gathering place next to food and drink stalls.

The canopy planned for the space in Ashton

The existing tree avenue on Market Street would be retained, with new seating areas created to encourage people to stop and stay.

The application also includes more planting on Warrington Street, and at the pedestrian area by Clarendon Sixth Form College and Tameside One, as well as improvements to Market Avenue.

But in a report to Tameside Council’s strategic planning cand capital monitoring panel, the authority concedes feedback from those currently on site could impact the final proposal.

It states: “The planning application for the proposed works at Ashton Market Square was submitted on June 19.

“Engagement is continuing with key stakeholders, including market traders, to plan for the delivery phase.

Ashton outdoor market

“It is proposed that construction on site will commence in early 2024, however, a further report outlining the conclusion of the detailed design works will be submitted to executive cabinet in November 2023 for final approval.”

Further details were also provided on the other public realm development that is going on.

It adds: “The works at Wellington Road have an estimated completion date of October 27.

Artist impression of Ashton Market plans

“Upcoming works include the excavation of the northern of carriageway and footway along Wellington Road (opposite Tameside One) prior to installing planter and paving and the closure of the eastern footway on Harley Street (the Clarendon College forecourt) to commence the new kerb line and paving of the footway.”

Much has been said about the lack of progress on what is now the former Ashton bus station, which is currently becoming overgrown.

However, once legal checks are complete, they say they will not hang around.

Ashton outdoor market

The report continues: “Once the acquisition is completed, the council will be able to commence enabling infrastructure works, comprising land remediation and service diversions, to unlock the site for new uses.

“This work will be undertaken in the context of longer-term opportunities for redevelopment, public realm and movement within the town centre.”

Another element of the scheme is to make Ashton Town Hall fit for purpose and reopened, starting with much-needed repairs to make it watertight.

But Tameside Council warned the rising costs of materials may impact the delivery.

The report states: “Following the completion of the intrusive survey works at Ashton Town Hall, the associated updates to the cost plan for the full scope of external restoration and roof replacement provides an opportunity to reconsider the programme of works and the council’s approach to this building in the long term.

“This will need to be mindful of the impact of significant construction cost inflation over recent months, the need to address immediate health and safety issues and the requirement that the secured Levelling Up Fund grant contribution is utilised by March 31, 2025.

“A long-term phased approach to the future of the building and further external grant funding continues to be required to deliver future phases.

“A further, more detailed, report will be taken to executive cabinet later in 2023 regarding the long-term strategy and proposals for the building.”


9 Replies to “Traders may affect Ashton market plans”

  1. I’m a Market Trader and haven’t been consulted regarding these Plans. The idea of the Canopy is ridiculous. Only half of the Market would be covered. They took the tables away from blocks D, F, H, J & L at the side of Iceland to try and prevent antisocial behaviour from the Scroats that congregate there but left them on blocks E, G, I, K & M on the side near Wilkos. They also took the Electrical supply away from the Stalls (you paid an extra £5 on top of your £15 Stall fee if you required it) without any consultation because of the Scroats using it to charge up their Phones.
    According to some plans I have seen, they want to move us to the Square behind the Indoor Market, while the “Improvements” are being made but I can only see 31 places for Stalls there (there are 104 Stalls on the Outdoor Market at present) and these would be uncovered.

    Whoever cooked up these Plans wants a very good talking to.

  2. They will waste all the money on another white elephant then when everything goes wrong it will be everyone else’s fault

  3. Leave it has it is you ruined the market before you are taking the swimming baths the Town Hall Has Been Closed for so long you changed the Bus Station and Made a mess of that Ashton has been ruined we have no big name shops for people to come to Ashton There Are More Scrotes Than Shoppers Why spend more Money when it’s already ruined

  4. Leave it as it is and provide us with a new swimming pool so people can enjoy their leisure time this will create many people shopping and visiting cafe’s etc to bring money into the town.

    Ask the people what they want otherwise the council are throwing away taxpayers money AGAIN.

  5. More “pie in the sky”and so it goes on and on and on, plans are pushed further and further back !!! Ashton under Lyne town centre has been wrecked and it all started when a perfectly good outdoor market was destroyed.Tameside Council should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. The term ‘you can’t polish a turd’ springs to mind.

    Ashton needs so much more than a canopy; it needs investment and councillors and MPs who actually give a damn.

    The worst thing to happen to Ashton was m&s moving,

  7. Think the council need to take a walk around the borough and see the the state it’s in .So much infrastructure falling apart. Roads, Pavements, and walls and fences un repaired for years. Why is the Market a priority it’s not that bad at the moment. Resurface our roads, make it safe to use pavements, cut back trees, pick up litter, improve the buildings that are falling down. Use our money for what it is intended. So fed up of hairbrained schemes

  8. Appalled . Already destroyed the market in its first “revamp” . Outpriced established thriving businesses to the point of just a 15 to 25% uptake of stalls, and now thinking that erecting the worlds most expensive gazebo is going to fix it?A bold move?An absolute what planet are you from move . .embarrased to have supported this council for so long . .you should be ashamed

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