Defibrillators installed across area after fundraiser’s efforts

A FUNDRAISER’S efforts could literally be the difference between life and death after five defibrillators were installed across the area.

Stacey Booth completed a yearlong mission to gather enough funds to get the vital pieces of equipment bought and out in place.

Now after gathering a total of £3,750, they are all situated where they can help members of the community in an hour of need.

Stacey Booth and daughter Sienna Evans with John Gilmore’s community ambulance after he helped source the defibrillators

Hattersley has three of them, at Hattersley Projects and the One Stop shop on Hattersley Road west and St Barnabas’ Meeting Point, on Hattersley Road East.

But the One Stop on Droylsden Road in Audenshaw also has one, along with nearby Abbey Hey Football Club.

Stacey, who sourced the equipment costing £750 each from John Gilmour Community Ambulance, said: “In April 2022, I set a target to raise funds for five defibrillators.

“I was also hoping this would help bring the community back together after covid lockdown so we could fundraise together.

Stacey Booth, daughter Sienna Evans are joined by Michelle Fleming and three of the staff at One Stop in Audenshaw

“by doing lots of raffles in the community, such as one for a handmade quilt made by Jacqueline Marsland from the local Knit and Natter Group which is held at Hattersley Hub, hanging baskets donated by Hattersley Projects, hampers made by Betty Affleck and hampers made by myself and my brother Reece Walsh.

“I individually wrapped roses placed them on the bar in my brother’s pub, The Eight Bells in Failsworth, where customers would leave donations in a bucket and take a rose.

Stacey Booth and daughter Sienna with Michelle Lukanu of Action Together, John Gilmore, Cllrs Jacqueline Owen and Janet Cooper and volunteers

“Hattersley Health Champions made a £50 donation through a raffle they did.

“We’ve had so much amazing support from the local community groups in Hattersley and businesses across Manchester such as Jacqueline and Kath Carroll from the Knit and Natter Group, Cllrs Betty Affleck, Janet Cooper and Jacqueline Owen, Hattersley Health Champions and Samantha Powers of Onward Homes.

“The family and friends of Kenny Fleming also made donations to the fundraiser after he sadly passed away.

“His wife Michelle said he worked on the Hattersley estate all of his career with Manchester Council, then via different companies but latterly Fortem.

“He got to know a lot of the tenants from here. That’s why they chose to donate to our defibrillator fundraiser.

“We met up and chose the locations together to spread them from us to where he lives in Audenshaw. This is why we placed a defibrillator in Gorton area and Audenshaw.”

Now all five defibrillators are up and running helping to save lives in our community.

“We raised funds


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