Defib delight for Stalybridge residents

PEOPLE living at a Stalybridge assisted living facility are that bit safer after Dukinfield and Stalybridge Rotary Club helped them get a defibrillator.

Beaumont Place, on Stephens Road, now has a lifesaving piece of equipment installed after more than £800 was raised through a series of events organised by staff and families of service users.

And after a message from manager Paula Wilson’s daughter, the Rotary Club provided the final bit by sourcing a machine and putting it in.

Members of Dukinfield and Stalybridge rotary with residents. Image by GGC Media

Paula said: “It means everything to us. It’s that added bit of security.

“We hope we never have to use it but it’s always going to be there as a safety blanket for us and the 25 service users who live here.

“We also have 35 staff who work here, day and night, so it covers them as well. Even the families are really grateful.

“It just means a hell of a lot.”

With the defibrillator now installed at a place easily accessible for staff and service users, Paula admitted that sometimes watching TV can lead to good things.

She added: “I’d seen footage on This Morning about saving lives and doing CPR and I thought, ‘You know what, what about a defibrillator? Could we raise funds for one?

“We have a team meeting once a month and I mentioned it, everyone threw ideas everywhere. From one team meeting to another, we’d had an event and raised all this money.

“A lot of places, like pubs and restaurants as well as beauticians, donated vouchers to us that made great raffle prizes.”

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