Stalybridge venue closed for fire regulation breaches

A STALYBRIDGE bar has been closed after breaches of fire regulations were found.

An inspection of Zeros, on Market Street, on Tuesday, May 23, found the fire alarm was not working.

And concerns over any blaze occurring at the ground floor or basement venue affecting the flats above brought Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) to issue prohibition notices

As a result, the bar cannot open, nor can the flats be occupied, until things are rectified.

Zeros bar on Market Street in Stalybridge

A GMFRS spokesman told The Correspondent: “GMFRS carried out an inspection of Zeros Bar in Stalybridge yesterday (Tuesday 23 May) working with licensing colleagues from Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.

“This visit identified that there were some serious fire safety concerns with the premises, which included the fire alarm not working, which posed a risk to anyone working in or visiting the bar, and there was a risk that if a fire occurred within the bar it could affect residential flats on the two floors above.

“This resulted in two Prohibition Notices being served. A Prohibition Notice was served which prevents the ground floor and basement being used, and a second Prohibition Notice was served which prevents the flats on the first and second floors being used.

“The Notices will remain in force until work has been done to reduce the risk so that the premises can be used safely.

“GMFRS will work with the responsible person for the premises and our partners to ensure the premises are made safe as quickly as possible.”

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  1. A young family of three one only a baby have been left with nowhere to live not knowing where they will sleep from one night to the next with only a few belongings each.
    The landlord is refusing to pay for temporary accomodation because of his own negligence of his tennants safety blaming the authorities for this situation.
    Absoloutely disgraceful behaviour of the sort of low life landlords that need to be put out of business.

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