Local Elections 2023: Dukinfield/Stalybridge candidates

Linda Freeman (Green)

I HAVE lived in Stalybridge for more than 20 years and worked in the NHS in Tameside and Trafford.

I am standing so that there is an opportunity to vote Green in this ward.

As a Green councillor, I would want to see real practical progress on Tameside’s recently published climate change and environment strategy.

It is more than three years since a climate emergency was declared in the borough, but as yet we have no definitive action plan.

We have an opportunity to address both climate change and the enormous increases in energy costs through a project on home insulation for warmer homes, lower energy bills and less CO2.

Improvements to our walking and cycling infrastructure and better cheaper public transport could save on expensive driving, reducing both pollution and CO2.

There are examples to learn from in Green-led councils across the country.

Kurt McPartland (Conservative)

I AM a local lad living in Stalybridge and have done so for most of my life.

I work on the highways fixing roads and potholes. I regularly raise money for various local charities. I’m a grafter and I’ll work hard for our community of Dukinfield and Stalybridge.

Unfortunately, we have three Labour councillors in cabinet jobs at the council. they are doing a lousy job but are paid enormous amounts for failure.

Isn’t it time for a change?

If you keep voting for the same people to do a bad job, then is it any wonder that Tameside is in its sorry state?

Last year, I lost by 93 votes. I know many of you would find it difficult to vote Conservative.

I understand that. I’m a former Labour supporter, but I realised how bad this council was and nothing is going to change.

You have three votes this year. What I will ask you is to lend me one of your votes so that I can prove to you that I can make a difference and work hard on your behalf.

Leanne Feeley (Labour)

I HAVE represented Dukinfield and Stalybridge for seven years. I am standing because I care about how we shape our future.

Despite the on-going challenges, I believe we must listen carefully to residents.

In my professional work of more than 30 years, I have had the privilege of serving the public in various roles, a teacher, community development and arts worker.

I have worked with many local groups and committees and I am particularly proud of a number of achievements including:

The Greater Manchester Town of Culture for Stalybridge, Christmas Celebration and Whit Friday Brass Band Contest

The First Special Education Needs Sixth-Form at Cromwell School

Providing Holiday Activity & Food funding during school holidays.

My commitment if elected is to support our schools through the many challenges ahead, provide local activities for all ages and holiday activity support

I will continue to bring my values of fairness, positivity, compassion and enterprise to the role.

Dave Sweeton (Labour)

HAVING lived in the ward for nearly 50 years with 22 of those as your councillor, I am delighted and proud to have once again been selected by the Labour Party to stand as a candidate in the 2023 local elections.

I know the issues that matter to you as residents and my hopes and aspirations for our ward have never faltered with time.

We must continue to support families and schools as they equip our young people to meet challenges and achieve their ambitions.

Communities must remain vibrant, attractive and safe places to live with continued commitment to our workplace infrastructure in order to deliver quality jobs, opportunities and wages.

Town centres, badly hit around the UK and still recovering from Covid need continual public and private investment and the newly announced £20 million Levelling up Fund success for Stalybridge will allow us to speed up the delivery of new homes and exciting retail and night time destinations into the centre.

Please use your three votes for Labour on May 4.

Eleanor Wills (Labour)

I LIVE in Stalybridge with my husband David and our three children. It’s been a privilege to represent the residents of Dukinfield and Stalybridge, an area that I’ve lived all my life and now raise my three young children in.

The strength of community across Dukinfield and Stalybridge is evident and drives me to live, work and represent everyone here equally.

I want to continue to be a strong voice for our community in Dukinfield and Stalybridge.

The cost of living crisis has seen our residents visiting foodbanks more frequently, or for the first time.

It’s never been more important to have someone on your side, standing up for you. support me on Thursday, May 4, I will continue working for you, driving down the inequalities we face, representing our area, our community, to continue to stand strong so our children and grandchildren continue to live in an area they can be proud of.

Please remember to use your three votes for Labour.

Kurt McPartland (Conservative)

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Malcolm Smith (Conservative)

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