Local Elections 2023: Dukinfield candidates

Jackie Lane (Labour)

I HAVE been your Labour councillor for more than 20 years and I am up for re-election to represent Dukinfield in the upcoming elections in May.

I am married to Dawson and between us we have four sons.

I was born, bred and educated in Dukinfield and have worked hard as a councillor supporting the residents and community by attending meetings, surgeries, dealing with residents’ issues and involving myself in any changes that may affect our Dukinfield community and people.

I am passionate about the voluntary roles I am involved with, which includes Macmillian Nurses, Domestic Violence Refuge and as a trustee at the Together Centre at Loxley House, which has gone from strength to strength which many Dukinfield residents regularly use,

My role is to organise events which include Fairs, social nights, the Food Pantry, Christmas parties, lunches for the elderly and support for the vulnerable where needed.

Thank you for your continual support and I promise to continue to work hard on your behalf.

David Rose (Conservative)

ASHTON has got a new indoor and outdoor market, a new bus station, the Metrolink, new council offices and college buildings, and the old swimming baths have been renovated, Droylsden a new marina, Denton a new multi-million pound health and leisure centre and Hyde is promised new swimming baths.

But what have we seen here in Dukinfield?

Labour has been an utter failure for local families. We have seen all the money being spent elsewhere in Tameside, and we are expected to pay ever higher council tax bills for everyone else to benefit.

Just what is the point of Labour locally?

On May 4, you have the chance to change all that by electing a strong Conservative councillor who will stand up for you and your family.

Re-electing the same, tired Labour councillor won’t do anything for us.

Only by voting for me, David Rose, can we bring pride back to Dukinfield.

John Taylor (Labour)

I AM married with two sons and four grandchildren.

We all live in Dukinfield.

I am a member of the GMB trade union and chairman of the Dukinfield Ward Labour Party.

Naila Sharif (Labour)

I AM a proud resident of Dukinfield and I’m privileged to be selected to stand in my local ward again. I’m overjoyed with what has been achieved so far and I look forward to the future.

From supporting residents with casework to working with our brilliant community groups and organisations, I believe collectively we have made our area a cleaner, greener and safer place to live.

Working in the volunteering sector at grassroots level has exposed me to real life instances of people daily struggles and hardships.

Working in the NHS has allowed me to understand the immense pressure the ridiculous Conservative policies and decisions have put our nation under, even more and I am here to support those who need our help most.

I hope I can count on your support in this upcoming election to continue to allow Dukinfield to prosper and develop in the future.

If re-elected, I will do everything in the best interests of the people of Dukinfield.

Julie Wood (Green)

HAVING stood here in Dukinfield for many years, coming a close second in 2019, I am electable as well as resilient.

I am delighted to be standing again to give people a realistic alternative to Labour.

We already have an established Green Councillor in Ashton and I would like to join him.

It is crucial for democracy to have balance and diversity within the council. As well as our own Green councillor, nationally we have increased our numbers of councillors more than any other party in percentage terms.

We can provide that balance and diversity.

I support better public transport and safer walking and cycling to reduce our reliance on cars, cutting pollution and reducing congestion.

I would fight to protect valued greenbelt for people, wildlife and to alleviate flood risk and combat climate change.

Affordable, sustainable housing, built for the benefit of people rather than developer profits is what we need.

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