Local Elections 2023: Droylsden West candidates

Nicola Harrop (Green)

I AM a disabled student currently studying Anatomical Science at the University of Manchester.

My family and I have a passion for animals. We helped foster and re-home a beautiful long-term stray cat and support local animal rescue charities within Tameside.

I believe school is where our children should be taught about sustainability, climate change and the environment within a structured, science-based curriculum.

I would like to see an increase of community activities for our teenage children, giving them the opportunity to interact in a positive, active and productive way.

Disability and mental health issues are a huge concern. With services for social care being cut and COVID-19 still impacting upon the lives of so many, it is important that mental health services are supported across the wider area of Tameside.

We have an established Green Councillor in Ashton, were a close second in Dukinfield, and challenged the big parties in a third of seats, last time.

We are electable.

Ann Holland (Labour)

ALONG with my fellow Labour candidates, I live in Droylsden and I’m proud to say so.

Ann Holland

I’ve never been one to sit back when representing the people of the town.

It’s important to me to maintain our heritage and protect green areas in Droylsden from development for us all to enjoy.

We need more affordable housing. I believe voting for Labour will send a strong message to this Government that we need change.

Remember you will need suitable ID at the polling station. Please use all three votes for Labour on May 4.

Barrie Holland (Labour)

ALONG with my ward colleagues, Ged Cooney and Ann Holland, I live in Droylsden.

I will continue the hard work dealing with the issues which affect you the most, ones I have seen take their toll on people in the area.

High fuel bills, an increase in mortgages and rents and the rising cost of food are having a detrimental effect on so many of us.

Let’s tell this Government we have had enough on May 4. Please use all three votes for Labour.

Gerald Cooney (Labour)

MY FELLOW Labour candidates and I all live in Droylsden.

It is a local election and we will carry on working for you, the people of Droylsden.

We will work with the owners of the precinct to bring about the new beginning, maintain our green areas, fight to keep the tram line from closing for two years and many other local issues.

You can use these local elections to give this Government a strong message – we need a change.

They need to reduce our mortgage payments, heating costs and fuel bills.

I will never forget Liz Truss‘s Tory Government’s short term in office and nor should you. We are all paying for it now.

Vote for change and use your three votes for Labour on May 4.

James Wexler (Conservative)

YOUR Labour councillors have represented Droylsden West for many years, but what have we got for our votes? They have completely failed us and taken us all for granted.

Under them, Labour closed our market, and shops and banks have abandoned Droylsden.

They have no ideas and no influence on how to stop the rot – and one of them is even the council leader!

It’s time we gave them a good shake up and elected local councillors who really care about our town. We need a fresh voice on the council giving a fresh perspective on the issues affecting us and our town – and that is why I am standing to be the change we really need here.

As your councillor I would fight to get our fair share for Droylsden. Only a vote for James Wexler, your local Conservative candidate, on May 4 can deliver the change we need.

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