Local Elections 2023: Denton South candidates

Farmin Lord F’Tang F’Tang Dave of Haughton (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

IT IS a great privilege to stand for election in the ward I have spent all my years.

I was educated at Corrie Primary before moving to Two Trees school. It was an absolute travesty that Two Trees was closed by Tameside Council.

Housing on the fields is unacceptable for the vast majority of residents.

Our plans for the site include Britain’s tallest school to raise education standards, a theme park for dogs, sports facilities with power generating treadmills and fill the rest with solar panels.

The power would then be used to power a cable car for Mill Lane and to heat bus shelters.

I strongly oppose the shameful CAZ tax and would increase the numbers of green vehicles by subsidising green re-sprays.

Send a message to the Westminster parties on May 4 and use one of three votes for the Official Monster Raving Loony … if you want to.

Timothy Cho (Conservative)

TIMES are tough right now for many families.

Having lived on the streets begging for food, escaped from North Korea and been tortured for the ‘crime’ of wanting freedom, I know that life can be hard and unfair.

But your Labour candidates have actively chosen to make life even more difficult for you and your family by raising your council tax.

But, when they take home almost £50,000 of local taxpayers’ money in allowances, they can afford it, even if you can’t.

You can vote to change all this – change from the failure of the same old local Labour councillors who promise the earth and achieve nothing.

Labour councillors who say they will save Two Trees from the developers and then see their party colleagues put it up for sale.

Labour has failed Haughton Green for too long. Give me, your Conservative candidate, a chance and I will show you that things can only get better.

Jack Naylor, George Newton and Claire Reid (Labour)

THIS YEAR, voters will be given three votes instead of the usual one: we are asking residents to cast all three votes for Labour’s Jack Naylor, George Newton and Claire Reid.

All three all live locally and attended Two Trees High School.

Jack works in hospitality, lives with his wife Nicola and children Charlotte and Jacob and enjoys reading, cooking and watching sport.

George lives in Haughton Green and works in communications. Once known for producing The Village News, he enjoys cycling, walking, and attending the occasional beer festival.

Claire works locally in Denton and lives in Haughton Dale with her husband Paul and daughter Robyn – they all love long walks in Haughton Dale Nature Reserve.

Jack, George and Claire said: “We are so proud to represent Denton South on Tameside Council, but even prouder to call it our home.

“Our community continues to face unprecedented challenges as families from across Haughton Green and Denton who are trying to move on from the pandemic are now met with a crippling cost of living crisis.

“We’ll continue to do all we can to support families throughout the crisis, fight for our fair share in spite of cruel Tory cuts, and do all we can to ensure Denton South remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Bethany Gartside (Green)

I AM offering the people of Denton South the opportunity to vote for a Green candidate.

I am working to promote essential environmental actions to protect the future of my 11-year-old son.

He is concerned about the impact of melting land ice on sea levels (as well as the survival of polar bears).

Greens are already winners in Tameside. We need more Greens to intensify the pressure on Labour to improve performance and desist from maximum council tax hikes.

With three votes this year, a vote for me makes more sense than ever.

The cost-of-living-crisis has highlighted the need to reduce transport costs with cheaper, reliable public transport and safer walking and cycling provision.

Green-led councils elsewhere are already progressing on these issues.

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