Local Elections 2023: Denton North East candidates

John Bradley (Green)

I HAVE lived in Tameside for most of my life and have always worked locally, within retail and travel.

I am standing again as a candidate to give the people of Denton North East the option to vote for a local, Green candidate.

I am frequently seen litter picking with my children. Greens prioritise striving for cleaner, safer and healthier places to live.

With three votes this year, use one for the Greens!

As a Green Councillor I would work to support our goals of reducing deadly glyphosate and transforming grass verges into wildflowers.

I would campaign for retrofitting home insulation and the fitting of ground-source heat pumps, to help tackle fuel poverty and the cost-of-living crisis.

We have a growing number of councillors across Greater Manchester, I would like to join them.

Dawn Cobb (Conservative)

OVER the past 40 years of living in Denton I have seen how Labour has neglected our town.

Their focus has been on Ashton and have just left us behind.

Dawn Cobb

Our market has closed, our high street has declined, and the streets just keep getting dirtier – and that’s with one of the local Labour councillors being in charge of street cleansing.

I know what a great place our town can be.

My children attended schools here, I work and shop here.

As a former school governor, a volunteer youth worker and a fundraiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, I have played an active role in our local community.

We deserve better. We need someone from our community who cares for our town and who will put the interests of Denton and its people first.

There is a difference between national and local politics – so if you want to real change in Denton then vote for me in these elections.

Allison Gwynne (Labour)

SERVING the residents of Denton North East, my home, has been an honour and a privilege.

I stand again on a record of achievement – I’ve always focused on the things that matter like removing litter, graffiti and fly tipping.

The things that make our area better to live in. Cleaner, safer streets and a pride in our community are the cornerstones of my work and I work alongside many community groups to deliver this.

Through my time on the council, I have helped resolve issues from housing to schooling to adults and children’s services.

I have been a strong voice on local planning disputes and have represented residents at public meetings.

Please vote for me and my two other Labour colleagues on May 4 so we can continue to be your community champions.

Vote for Gwynne, Ricci and Ward. And don’t forget your photo ID!

Denise Ward (Labour)

REPRESENTING Denton North East for 15 years, having been first elected in 2008, has been a privilege and a honour.

And this year, it is an all-out election, so hopefully it is three votes for Labour – Gwynne, Ricci and Ward.

The way you vote is also different this time around.

If you go to the polling station, you NEED ID – usual forms being a passport, driving license or a bus pass.

If you have applied for a postal vote, it will arrive soon, sign it, make three votes for Labour and return it.

Simple as that. I look forward to working with my community.

Vincent Ricci (Labour)

I AM pleased once again to represent Denton North East ward at the all out election on May 4.

I have served my community with pride and honour since 1998 and served at one stage as Tameside’s Civic Mayor.

That saw me welcome many local charities into the parlour. Since then, I have continued to be involved in many projects.

You can find me often serving at the luncheon club and became involved in the area’s support for people in Ukraine, helping set up a donation station at Denton Youth FC.

If I am elected once again, I promise to continue to work tirelessly with my ward colleagues, Denise Ward and Allison Gwynne, to make Denton and Tameside a better place.

Three votes for Labour would be brilliant – and remember your ID to vote.


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