Enjoy bingo for beginners in Stalybridge

EVERYONE has probably played a fun game of bingo at home – but not everyone has had the pleasure of playing the game in a modern bingo club.

It is just as much fun and there’s also the bonus that you may win a cash prize as well!

You could also meet a new friend or simply enjoy the game on your own or with family and friends.

The game is played in a warm friendly environment where winning isn’t the only reason you attend.

At the Cosmo Bingo Clubs in Stalybridge and Eccles you can sample the traditional and modern way to play.

Enjoy the regular seating in the main hall or relax in the comfortable surroundings of our new Smart Lounges where the atmosphere is complemented with music and Sky sports TV

Never been to a bingo club before? Here’s our Beginners Guide!

The main hall at Cosmo Bingo

There are two ways to play what we call Main Stage Bingo.

1. You play on paper using a marker or dabber.

2. You play on our electronic assisted Bingo Bee tablets.

The legal bits… you need to be aged 18 or over. (Aged 18 to 25 or look young, then we will need to see photo ID, namely your original passport, driver’s licence or citizen card). Also, remember, please gamble responsibly.

On entering the club, pop to the nearest desk and tell the staff you want to join (don’t worry its free and takes two minutes) and show your id.

You need to know whether you are going to play paper tickets or Bingo Bee. Then simply move to the second desk to buy your preferred option.

As a newbie you can buy one complete set of books on paper or on a Bingo Bee for £10. Just ask for the newbie deal on the Bee. There are more expensive options on the Bingo Bees too.

Once you have made your purchase follow the line into the bingo area (ask the staff for directions).

Then choose the quiet area in the Main Hall or the noisy/party area in the Smart lounge (if you want to talk while the main stage bingo is played then please choose the smart lounge).

Once you have chosen your seat you may want a drink from the bars, where you can also purchase your bingo dabber or marker.

When you hear the loud music play take your seat for the bingo!If you’re playing on paper, listen to the caller who will tell you which game you are playing and what colour ticket you need to be on.

Each ticket is usually a strip of six blocks. On any one game when the number is called you look for it in all six boxes and either dab it or put a circle around the number.

The single numbers are in the left column. The teens are the next column and so on across the ticket. You will have every number called somewhere on your strip of tickets.

If playing on a Bee, set it up by entering your member’s number (it usually looks like 001012345). It then asks for your pin. The staff will advise of this.

Before playing we recommend you turn on the auto dab. This will mark your numbers off for you.

If you are playing for one line, you need to mark off five numbers on the same line across the ticket in any one of the six blocks.

If you are playing for two lines, you need to mark off 10 numbers on any two lines across the ticket in any one of the six blocks.

If you are playing for the house, you need to mark off all the numbers in any one of the six blocks.

Caution! You need to shout loud to stop the game before the next call number is started or you will not be valid. The golden rule of bingo is the last number called must be on your ticket!

If you are in the Smart lounge you will also need to press the red buzzer when you have a claim.

If you play on the Bingo Bee it’s easier to keep up and when you win one you’ve stopped the game and you will be asked to press your claim button on the Bee to validate it.

Bingo times every day
Doors open: 11am
Earlies: 1pm and 7pm
Mains: 1.30pm and 7.45pm

BeGambleaware.org 18+

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