Happy Ever After in their new Droylsden showroom

EVER After Flooring can never be accused of sleeping on the job, even though it will soon add beds to its products.

And the opening of a new showroom in a new location in Droylsden has brought new stock, new customers and the new department.

Now they are ensconced on the town’s Market Street, they can offer what they have become known and renowned for – carpets and flooring.

The team at Ever After Flooring

Work is going on at pace to create a new area on the first floor, which will house their stock of bedroom furniture.

Michael Whittam, sales director at Droylsden, explained the decision to open up the extra premises, which goes alongside Ever After’s warehouse on Manchester Road in Mossley.

“We were always looking at expanding,” he said.

“This place became available on a busy high street with lots of passing traffic, so we thought this would be ideal.

“It was a carpet shop before we moved in. It’s always been known as one, everyone from the area knows it as one.

“We’ve changed the layout quite a lot, the upstairs floor is going to be our bed shop too. That’s a new line of business the company is going down.

“Because there’s so much space here, we’ve got a massive range of flooring downstairs and upstairs is massive too – there will be about 30 displays in total.”

Extra space may mean the ability to introduce a completely new line of products but it also means Ever After can enhance what it has made its name with.

The range of carpets, rugs and floor coverings it has always provided can now be even bigger.

Michael added: “We have other ranges here that we can’t accommodate in Mossley, notably Karndean.“We’re not allowed to stock it up there as there is another that stocks it close by but here we’re fine.
“We don’t have another store that does Karndean for three miles.

“Opening here has definitely boosted business. Our first six months went a lot better than anyone thought they would.

“Lots of customers have come in, even ones who worked with the previous owner of the building.

“Also, there have been people who have been to our Mossley store but live closer to this side of Tameside.

“We generally don’t go to that side of Tameside from here – that’s Mossley’s side.

“But being based here means we can focus on this side, as well as going into Manchester and areas like Failsworth and also Stockport.

“It opens the area we cover up quite a bit – and we’ve been very busy.”

Now the new site is up and running – and the new department is imminent – do not think Ever After Flooring’s aim has changed.

As Michael put it: “The aim is to just get people coming through the door every day, having a busy shop and happy customers.”

• Ever After Flooring can now be found at 43-49 Market Street, Droylsden. Contact them on
0161 371 1595.

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