Hyde man jailed for 23 years after killing estranged wife

A HUSBAND who murdered his estranged wife as she lay in bed while his daughter was in the room next door in an ‘incomprehensible’ crime has been jailed for 23 years.

Aubrey Padi stabbed mother-of-two Tamara eight times after hiding in her home on Lake Road in the Ridge Hill area of Stalybridge.

Now the 46-year-old has been told he must serve at least 23 years in prison before being considered for parole after pleading guilty to her murder.

Aubrey Padi

Manchester Crown Court heard Padi, of Carrfield in the Flowery Field area of Hyde, ‘concealed himself’ in 43-year-old Tamara’s house after letting himself in armed with knives, a hammer, gloves and a length of cord.

He struck in the early hours of July 7. She was taken to hospital but was sadly pronounced dead a short time later.

Judge Elizabeth Nicholls spared Padi no sympathy as she sentenced him, even slamming a 999 call he made.

She said: “In that moment the defendant effectively deprived their children of both parents, one through death, the other by the annihilation of trust in their father, who up until that moment they believed they knew and loved.

Tamara Padi

“You waited in the house for your wife to return from a late-night care visit, knowing your daughter slept in the adjoining bedroom.

“So clear and considered were your intentions, you even set your phone alarm giving yourself a chance to sleep and ensuring your wife would be asleep before you attacked her.

“Your conversation is full of self-pity, justification for your conduct.

“Like so much violence against women, you tried to place the blame upon the victim, suggesting she had wronged you and that you were driven to this conduct. Even going so far as to say she ‘deserved it’.

“And what type of parental love is it that lies alongside your child while waiting to murder her mother?

“There are no excuses and no fault lies with the victim, Tamara. This offence is entirely your responsibility. No woman should have to endure at the hands of a man what Tamara did in her final hours.”

Lake Road in Stalybridge. Photo by Gemma Carter

Detective Inspector Lee Shaw, part of Greater Manchester Police’s Major Incident Team who carried out the investigation, paid tribute to Tamara’s family and described Aubrey Padi’s actions as ‘incomprehensible’.

He said: “My thoughts go out to the victim’s family, especially her two daughters who have been through a tremendous amount of trauma and upset over the past few months.

“They’ve shown an enormous amount of strength and courage throughout the process of this investigation, and for that, I thank them.

“This sentencing will never bring their mum back. This was a brutal attack on someone that this man had vowed to love and care for.

“The actions of Aubrey Padi are incomprehensible, and it is only right that he remains behind bars for at least the 23 years the judge has imposed on him.”

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