Wombling free for tidier neighbourhood

AN AREA found itself taken over by Wombles – and much tidier.

Sounds like something straight from the mind of creator Elisabeth Beresford or the kids’ TV programme but this was genuine.

And the results can be seen clearly after an alleyway was cleared and overgrown hedges cut back.

The work was done by the Waterloo Wombles, who carry out jobs in the Waterloo area of Ashton.

During a recent surgery with Cllr Vimal Choksi, an elderly resident told how the alleyway between Crowhill Road and Lakeside Avenue had become impassable to some elderly residents and difficult for wheelchair users or anyone pushing a pram.

Within few hours, the volunteers had cut back the hedge, and bagged the cuttings and clean the passage, making the alleyway accessible once more.

People also reported overgrown hedges on the mid corner section of Kendal Avenue, blocking a view for approaching traffic from the Bowness Road.

Cllr Choksi said: “The usual procedure would be report an issue like this to the housing association responsible.

“But as the residents claimed it had already been reported, we decided to act fast for their benefit.

“I managed to call a favour to source a set of hedge cutter and other equipment needed for the job and called on the community to get involved.

“I want to thank local residents for bringing this to my attention, and also the local community volunteers Waterloo Wombles for giving up their free time to clear the alleyway.”

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