Hearts put into green effort

STALYBRIDGE now has a green heart – well, several actually – after the town’s Women’s Institute added to its centre.

Members attached displays to railings close to the canal in Armentieres Square as they showed their support to the Great Big Green Week, a national event designed to raise awareness of climate change issues.

Slogans such as ‘Stop plastic pollution’ featured on the handmade ornaments.

Stalybridge WI

And several businesses – including Aspinall’s clothes shop on Melbourne Street – received hearts of their own as the WI made its mark on Saturday, September 18.

It was also a sign of showing the 11-year-old group is back following 18 months of Covid-19 disruption.

As well as the Great Big Green Week initiative, ladies have been busy contacting primary schools, garden centres, pallet suppliers and Works4you as they start a 12-month rolling project to make planters from recycled pallets, which will then be donated to primary schools.

Works4you have agreed its students will make simple planters and WI ladies will distribute with soil, seeds and information for bee friendly planting.

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