Builders warned after Backfield plan given approval

DEVELOPERS have been warned they must stick to what has been agreed after being allowed to extend a controversial housing build.

Opponents to the scheme on Lindisfarne Road in Ashton – an area known as the Backfield – were defeated in their bid to prevent a change of several of the five homes being constructed.

Instead of it being four-bedroomed properties, four will now be five-bedroomed after permission was given to Danson Homes Ltd to add more over the garages.

Claims driveways would be shortened were countered by the construction of a secondary driveway next to one of them which planning officers said increased the number of parking spaces available.

Lindisfarne Road, Ashton

But Councillor Vimal Choksi warned everyone will be watching to make sure the builders tow the line that has been agreed.

He also appealed to them to work with the people so opposed to the scheme.

He said: “It’s absolutely a blow. Residents have campaigned for the last three or four years and they’ve suffered enough over that time.

“Unfortunately, the scheme has been approved but what we want is the developer to work with the residents and councillors to resolve any future issues.

“We also expect the developer to comply with all the conditions, stringently and frequently.

Plans for the backfield

“Most of the time we’ve had to go down the enforcement route rather than us having that conversation.

“Officers have been a great support, they’ve listened to us and assured me. They’ve also acted on information and requests and spoken to the developer numerous times.

“They’ve had numerous warnings. Unfortunately, enforcement is a complicated matter and it takes a long, long time.”

Council planning officers’ assertions the alterations met planning regulations were met with derision by opponents at a meeting of Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee on Wednesday, September 15.

Cllr Choksi, who excused himself from being a member of the committee for this item, spoke in opposition, saying: “This application is not right.

“The road has been completely overwhelmed with existing traffic, so I’m not convinced it can take an additional 15 to 20 cars.

“What assurances can be provided the conditions will be met strictly?”

Resident campaigners claimed the constructors had broken a number of conditions and even worked in line with the new application before it was given the go-ahead.

The apparent felling of trees and bushes to make way for the homes was also highlighted while Green Party councillor Lee Huntbach made continued reference to the properties being potentially six-bedroomed.

Cllr Laura Boyle, who voted against the new conditions, questioned officers whether there had been any enforcement proceedings because of the apparent breaches of conditions.

However, Ian Berry explained that while breaches have been investigated, particularly surrounding hours of work, none have been started.

Councillors voted by majority to grant the application.

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