Stone the crows! Gee Cross shows its creative side

DOZENS of figures popped up on the streets of Gee Cross as residents showed how arty they can be in a scarecrow competition.

A total of about 50 entries were created in all areas over the week of September 10-17 with the theme of ‘save the planet.’

Entries included the figure in a gas mask and hazmat suit on Waverley Road, save the bees on Lord Derby Road.

Joel Lane also saw Harry Potter and a number of superheroes next to a sign reading ‘Only superheroes can save the planet.’

There was also a figure accompanied by a sign in saying, ‘skolstrejk for klimatet,’ the Swedish slogan Greta Thunberg had on her sign as she protested outside the country’s parliament building.

The winning scarecrow on Joel Lane

Local councillor Phil Chadwick also joined in, ably supported by his dog Fudge, while several other entries were judged in an online vote.

In fact, the superheroes were recognised as the creation at The Stables was voted the winner while another Harry Potter, this time on Smithy Fold Road, was runner-up.

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