Plenty to crow about in Heyrod contest

FIGURES cropped up all over the streets of one area of Stalybridge – but there was nothing sinister.

For this was the 2021 edition of Heyrod Scarecrow Festival.

Olympians, figures from films, aliens and mechanics all appeared in the village – there was even talk of a certain Gareth Southgate making an appearance.

Daisy Jewitt with her Woody scarecrow. Heyrod scarecrow festival

And this year’s gold medal appropriately went to a Tokyo-themed design, the Crowlympians by Paul, Heidi, Teddy and Joseph Groves.

Second place could not be separated as Jaime, Matt and Daisy Jewitt’s creation of Woody from the Toy story films tied with Ginella by Kath Devitt.Third place and certainly an honour for best use of clapped out car went to the Manic Mechanic by Mark and Julie Tyrrell.

There was plenty of fun for all involved but there was a serious side too.In total, £140 was raised, meaning a £70 donation to Reubens retreat. Everyone that entered will get a Comic Relief T-shirt, kindly donated by TK Maxx.

And organisers wanted to pay special thanks to Lesley Jackson of Heyrod Food and Floral for supporting the contest.

Her scarecrow, Banjo Boy, raised an extra £55 in book sales of children’s picture book Banjo Boy by locally-based singer Dominic Halpin.

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