Crisp sound of success

An iconic nostalgic bar took customers back to their childhood with the new item on a limited edition menu – crisp butties.

And what started as a joke from the owners of Stalybridge Buffet Bar became a success as a trial was extended.

It also gained national publicity for the venue.

The Correspondent’s Gary Carter with the crisp butty menu at Stalybridge buffet bar

Sandwiches featuring one, two and three packets of crisps appeared. Even a ‘seven course taster menu’ with hot pork scratchings, poppadoms and five packets to be shared out.

The Correspondent’s Gary and Gemma Carter went to the bar, at Stalybridge railway station, to sample the delights on offer.

One went for having salt and vinegar squares in white bread with butter while the other opted for bacon fries.

The end result gave both nostalgia of eating the snacks at home when they were growing up.

The nostalgic crisp butty

Barry Shaw, pub operations manager of the Buffet Bar’s owner Beerhouses, told how the idea came about from the reaction to a suggestion.

And the response when they went on offer, initially for a week, meant they had to stay.

He said: “The crisp butty menu started off as a bit of fun online about favourite crisp butties a couple of months ago and I said half-joking that one day I’ll do a crisp butty menu for the pubs.

Taking a trip down memory lane at Stalybridge buffet bar

“Then I had a spare 10 minutes and put a menu together and posted on social media to see what people thought.

“Quite a lot seemed interested on Twitter and Facebook with many asking us to do it. So we posted that if we got so many likes on the initial post we’d do it.

Delicious! Gary tucking into the salt and vinegar crisp butty

“That tweet got 145 likes and 46,783 impressions so we did it for one week only as a trial run to see if people were genuinely as keen as all the positive feedback it has gained on social media.

“And the response was fantastic, with it featuring in around the country and even being talked about on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

“This interest meant we had to extend the menu.”

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