Undertakers to be at centre of Hattersley community

REMEMBRANCE Community Funeral Services, the first undertaker to be based in Hattersley, are committed to looking after the living as well as the dead.

They are offering their base is the former Coral bookmakers on Hattersley Road West as a community space.

Funeral directors Stacey Booth, Gauri Batra and Tracey Phillips, who have launched the business, want to be at the heart of the community.They will be happy for their open-plan office to be used by groups, both during the day or after 4.30pm when they close whether it be for coffee mornings or community events.

The facilities will be free of charge, though they will ask for a donation for their ‘Remembrance Fund’ which is geared towards assisting those with limited means.

And they are to have a monthly Death Café and form a Coffin Club so the public can become more comfortable and at ease with a subject most people usually avoid speaking about.

“I found with other funeral directors I have worked for the last eight years that people are worried about going into a funeral directors’,” explained Stacey.

“We want to change that so people are comfortable visiting us – we will always have an open door.”

The first Death Café is set for Tuesday, August 31 (6.30pm-9pm). It is free and refreshments will be provided, and bookings can be made by telephoning 0161 637 0304.

Sigi Phillips, community engagement manager, who will be working for the business, said: “The purpose of Death Café will be to have open discussions and to break down taboos about death.

“We are not offering bereavement support or counselling but, if that is needed, we can direct people to the right place.”

The Coffin Club, which is believed to be the first in Greater Manchester, is likely to launch at the end of September.

It will be a workshop structured six-week session is which they will listen to speakers and discuss issues relating to death including organ donation.

Stacey, whose brother Reece Walsh is employed as a mortuary and logistics manager, added they are mindful the average cost of a funeral is between £4,000 and £5,000 which can be an individual’s entire life savings.

To help reduce costs, they offer families the option to hold the funeral service at their premises on Hattersley Road West.

And with an eye on finances, Stacey said: “Rather than investing huge amounts buying a hearse and limousine, we will be using other local businesses for vehicles.

“We will personalise the service without that coming at a huge cost by offering the use of the premises here.”

They will also have an emphasis on being green which was the case when they moved into their new home when they upcycled furniture, much of which was acquired for free.

• Call 0161 637 0304, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Office Opening Hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 4.30pm. Appointments can be made outside of these hours by calling the team.

2 Replies to “Undertakers to be at centre of Hattersley community”

  1. This sounds like a great idea. Bereavement can be really hard and we all go through it at one point or another. It’s more normal than anything else in life and we should treat it as such. Well done!

  2. Really good thing they’re doing there, not feeling supported in a time of grief is just the worst thing. Especially like the idea of a death café, it’s a step towards making death and grieving part of the community again and not just being about capitalising on others’ misfortune. Good luck to em!

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